Immigration Reform: The Great American Fraud



Who we are as a nation is being defined by our president as an open border global society under a one-party left-leaning government. One way the president is making this happen is by turning the illegal immigration debate into one of Americans falling down on their obligation to legitimize people who came here illegally. Anyone who disagrees is a bigot.

The overwhelming majority of Americans do not want to see wholesale deportation but an immigration bill has to be based on the facts and not trumped up charges of bigotry if we are to accept it.

In 2011, the Pew Hispanic Research Center estimated that there were 40.4 million Hispanics living in the US with roughly 11 million of them here illegally. If we legalize these 11 million and their spouses, parents and children, that number grows to 30 – 40 million and that is a conservative estimate. Can we afford it?

Both legal and illegal immigration has grown. The rate of growth of illegal immigration has allegedly slowed, but it is still increasing.


More than 1 of every two people added to the nation’s population between July 1, 2008, and July 1, 2009, was Hispanic. There were 1.4 million Hispanics added to the population during the period.

Nearly two-thirds of the legal immigrants in the US have not sought naturalization. They are not here to become US citizens.

When asked why by the Pew Hispanic Research Center, their responses varied:


The last time the US gave amnesty (1986), only 40% of illegal aliens (we don’t use PC terms here) chose to become citizens.

Half of the Hispanic immigrants are Mexican and half of that number are here legally. Mexicans historically have a lower rate of naturalization than other immigrants.

When Hispanics are asked why they would choose to become citizens, they say it is for the civil rights and the benefits. Mexicans are more likely to say the same with the following breakdown: civil and legal rights (22%) or specific benefits or opportunities derived from citizenship (20%). By comparison, among non-Mexican naturalized Latinos, family reasons are most often cited (16%).

The 1965 border legislation passed under Lyndon Johnson created the scenario in which immigrants to the US primarily come from Latin America – about 50% – and Asia – 27%. My problem with this is it does not give other nations a chance and it concentrates on people who come from largely socialist and communist nations.

Read more here.

President Obama’s food stamp program is being advertised in Mexico at his urging. This appears to encourage exactly what the research shows – immigrants who come here for benefits, not family, values, and citizenship.

While most welfare goes to whites, because the majority population is white, there is a disproportionate amount going to minorities. Welfare has become destructive to minority populations and is not the hand up it was meant to be. Along with business-supported cheap labor, it has helped create a generational subclass.

The Boston bombers were automatically given assistance as refugees under a grant of asylum, not temporarily, but for a decade.

No immigrant, minority or otherwise should be blamed for collecting welfare. It is our fault, not theirs. We have set up a dependency situation.

No matter one’s ethnicity, President Obama is encouraging government dependence. Once he accomplishes his goals, what kind of nation will we have?

There are 850,000 students here on foreign visas and those numbers are growing. DHS is doing a poor job of monitoring the program and millions are unaccounted for as they were pre-9/11. There is no reliable system for tracing students with expired visas.

In 2009, a study showed that almost 3 million on expired visas were whereabouts unknown because we have no system to trace foreign visitors who overstay visas. Of the 11 million Hispanics here illegally, many did not come over the Southern border, they came here on travel visas and overstayed.

And they can’t trace them!

By some reports, thirty to forty percent of illegal immigrants have overstayed visas. There is a serious dereliction of duty here as was evidenced in the Boston bombing. One of the accomplices to the bombing after-the-fact traveled between the US and Russia with an expired visa because no one notifies customs. The WSJ has a piece on the issue of visa overstays.

Last week, the Taliban bragged that they have terror cells in the US. They could well be right.

Rubio says the new immigration bill addresses visa overstays with the addition of biometric checks and electronic data collecting. That should be done now without the bill because the rule for it would have to be written after the bill is passed. There really is no time for that. We already have laws in place for which processes could be written.

The immigration bill put together by the gang of eight is a fraud.

The gang of eight, the president, and the media are telling us to believe something has to be done and this bill is better than nothing. It’s a crisis this bill will address. Is that the case?

The bill gives amnesty to most people here illegally within 6 months and they get a pathway to citizenship. There are loopholes which can expedite the process.

This immediate “legal status” or amnesty changes their status to that of “new Americans” according to the terminology in the PC bill. Even the department’s name is changed to the “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services” will be called the ”Office of Citizenship and New Americans.”

In effect, the bill changes how we think about illegal aliens and we are opening our borders even further than they already are because this bill does NOT secure the borders. It promises to secure the borders in the future.

The bill calls for the writing of endless rules and it must be passed before we know what might end up being in it. That is how it is designed.

Eric Holder recently described illegal immigration as a civil and human right, declaring his unbending belief in open borders though he swore to uphold our laws which do not support open borders.

President Obama gave speeches in Mexico last week in which he demeaned Americans for not welcoming people here illegally with open arms. In fact, we do. We give them education, healthcare, and welfare.

Are we bigots because we want borders? President Obama would have us believe that is so. He also claimed we are intruding on Mexico’s sovereignty but didn’t explain how we are doing so.

I doubt the president would be as eager for this bill if he thought the new Americans would vote Republican once they receive citizenship. The overwhelming majority of immigrants, especially Hispanic and Asian, vote democratic.

The gang of eight immigration bill sets aside an initial $150 million for groups to encourage people to become citizens. It’s a blank check to the same groups who helped write the bill – LaRaza, unions and business groups. The president’s Organizing for America will likely be eligible for funds. Read more at Fox News.

People who would have you believe this is about border security should think again. Border agents no longer feel they can do their job. Check out Border Movie if you want to know how serious the law enforcement situation is.

At one of the most dangerous stretches of border, there is one border agent. I hope he gets combat pay.

The ICE agents’ union is suing Eric Holder’s DOJ for security for their agents who are no longer allowed to arrest illegals and who are threatened with being fired if they do their job. ICE handles internal security after people get here illegally.

Listen to the interview with Chris Crane, President of the ICE agents union here. LaRaza, unions and the Chamber of Commerce helped write the bill but law enforcement was completely excluded. Mr. Crane has been the brunt of real hatred aimed at law enforcement by these groups.

The immigration bill is not only about getting votes for the democratic party, it is about business owners – many are on the right – wanting cheap labor. This needs to be addressed. The bill does begin to address this issue but the rules would have to be written.

The American people are being defrauded. We are being told this is about being humane, welcoming immigrants, and about our safety. It is much more about greed and votes.

Close the border first! Fix the visa program first! Then talk to us about illegal immigrants currently in the US. There are piecemeal legislations such as the DREAM Act or recruitment of educated labor which can work but a massive bill will be another Obamacare disaster.

No open-ended bill should be passed when there are still thousands of rules to be written.