Immovable ObamaCare Deadline Moved to Protect Democrats Up for Election



Branco cartoon via Legal Insurrection

ObamaCare has been delayed again. This time it is the immovable date of March 31st which will be extended for two to three weeks for the federal exchanges operating in three dozen states. It’s being done in an effort to eke out more enrollees.

The date of March 31st was allegedly fixed in stone. When Republicans wanted to delay the individual mandate for one year, Obama shut down the government over it and then blamed Republicans for the shut down.

In fact, all these delays are astounding given the fact that Obama sold it on the premise that people were dying and the bill had to be passed urgently – we were in crisis supposedly.

After four years of planning, the ObamaCare bill has undergone almost forty changes so that it looks nothing like the original bill. There are 10,000 pages of rules and the website was a disaster. The government can’t adequately run one-sixth of the government economy, obviously.

The bill was sold to the American public fraudulently and legislators were bought off with bribery. The necessary signups will not be met. Instead of the seven million needed, five million have signed up and 20% of them have not paid according to insurers. The 39% of young people needed to sign up so they can pay for the elderly is at about 28%.

Even though Pyramid Schemes are against the law, the new healthcare law has been set up as a Pyramid Scheme.

We don’t know how many of the total enrollees are signing up for Medicaid – the free healthcare – another serious problem. Who will pay for all this when the scheme doesn’t work?

About five million people lost their insurance but were moved over to ObamaCare with 2.3 million being allowed to remain on their insurance plan temporarily until Democrats get through the elections. ObamaCare’s main purpose was to insure the uninsured but it is kicking people off who had insurance and in some cases forcing them onto Medicaid.

What this all means is that when actuaries meet in June to determine the costs of policies, they will of necessity be much higher than they already are. Will Mr. Obama then bail them out to keep them artificially low? Most likely he will.

The administration said only recently that they didn’t have the statutory authority to extend the deadline and lo and behold, they did it anyway!

This latest delay is just one more effort to help out Democratic legislators in danger on not being re-elected because they forced this disaster on Americans and because they lied to make it happen.

In 2009, Mr. Obama told us the passage of ObamaCare was an emergency. He told us not to worry, if we want to keep our insurance and our doctor we can and we will save money. Listen to Mr. Obama’s address with nurses as props July 15, 2009:

ObamaCare changes for this past month alone:

1. The Administration delayed new plan cancellations until after the elections in an obvious effort to conceal the fact that millions more are about to lose their insurance.

The delay was made unilaterally by the Administration. It involved millions of people who were about to lose their insurance that they hoped to keep but which Obama has determined is inferior. The notices will still go out but not until after the election.

The new rule will allow insurers to continue offering health plans that do not meet ObamaCare’s minimum coverage requirements.

Obama already delayed the Employer Mandate until 2015. He delayed the online enrollment for small business until 2014. The small business delay prevented the immediate cancellation of tens of millions

He also delayed the individual mandate until later this year.

All of ObamaCare has been delayed for non-English speaking Americans.

These delays create enormous chaos, uncertainty and waste in the healthcare system. The environment for the business community and for individuals is one of utter confusion.

2. There was a basically unreported change to ObamaCare law the previous week. Only Fox News seemed to notice.

HHS decided that state residents who were unable to sign up because of technical problems may still get federal tax credits if they buy private insurance outside of the new online insurance exchanges. Until now, only exchanges could dole out taxpayer-subsidized monies. Now it’s a free-for-all.

Mostly Democratic Governors who dove right into the healthcare exchanges are experiencing problems because of website flaws, which aren’t fixed by the way. The waits are painful. The costs are astronomical. To bail them out (13 states), Obama is giving out our tax monies for subsidies outside of the exchanges.

The tax credits that subsidize coverage under the law can greatly reduce the cost of a policy.

The policy change is buried in confusing jargon and will be difficult to carry out for states and insurers.

Those who qualify can get financial assistance retroactively but there will be no real checks in place to make certain they deserve the subsidies.

Check out the changes to ObamaCare since its inception on this link.