Impeach Obama? Never Happen & Here’s Why

Impeach Me? Go Ahead, Suckers


You Can’t Impeach Obama & Here’s Why.

After reading a steady stream of demands to impeach President Barack Obama, I’ve reached the point where something has to be said.  Something that has a hint of common sense associated with it.

It starts with a basic understanding of the impeachment process – something I learned in high school Civics class, but a class that’s no longer taught at any level of schooling.

The House of Representatives is where the impeachment process begins and the United States Senate is where it ends.  The House brings the charges (articles of impeachment) and the Senate is where the impeachment trial is held – overseen by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

After the trial is concluded, the members of the Senate vote in open session on each article of impeachment.  IT TAKES A 2/3 SUPER-MAJORITY VOTE to “convict” the person being impeached.

Democrats have an iron grip on the United States Senate by a 55 – 45 member advantage.  There isn’t one single chance in Hell that even ONE of those Democrat Senators would even consider voting to convict Barack Obama – and there’s a significant chance that a few RINO Republicans would vote against impeachment, as well!  (I suspect at least three of them would vote “no”).

Knowing this, why in the world would anyone ever even consider demanding an impeachment?  If you know the effort has absolutely NO chance of winning, it’s totally counterproductive to even think about it.  This is exactly the position the Democrats were in regarding the demanded impeachment of President George W. Bush – there was absolutely no chance of conviction, so it never happened.

Republicans.  Conservatives.  Obama opponents.  Forget it.  Obama will not be impeached.

Learn about the impeachment process by clicking right here.