About Impeachment John Kasich Says “I Don’t Think We’re There” Yet


Ohio governor John Kasich, who has more in common with Democrats than Republicans, was asked at a town hall if there were enough grounds for impeachment given the Russia collusion.

Keep in mind that there has been no evidence presented – none- that Trump colluded with Russia.

NeverTrumper Kasich said:

“I don’t think we’re there. I don’t think we know exactly what happened.

The Russian investigation is very, very important. Not only have they hacked into our elections, it has, as it appears in the French elections, the Austrian elections. Their use of cyber warfare is growing and we need in our country a single cyber command with a single person in charge because the different agencies and bureaus argue among themselves…

…And it’s critical for us and that’s why I think these investigations should not just be about the Comey memo but I think the investigation ought to encumber everything. The Russian hacking. What happened there. The associates of the Trump campaign who may have been involved.

We have to get to the bottom of all of it. But it is very, very serious when a foreign power is not only trying to disrupt our elections and communications but throughout the world and to think they’re our ally is ridiculous and Bernie mentioned it…

…So you take a look at Syria where they have looked at Assad and there’s a slaughter house over there. Or what they’ve done in Ukraine or the threats in the Balkans or the cyber attacks all over the world. There is no way I would share anything with these people because they are not our friends.”

As he says, Russians are not our friends, but where was Kasich when Obama was resetting relations and Hillary was giving away our uranium mine and U.S. technology to the Russians?


  1. I lost all respect for Kasich when on Chris Matthews show years ago made the statement that people Should have to pay taxes on their company provided insurance. THAT is supposed to be Republican thinking.

    He showed his TRUE colors when he was on stage railing against a police officer who stopped him and castigated him over and over again.

    THEN we find out a completely different story. The video was released and that officer was the most considerate anyone could be. Kasich had blew past an emergency vehicle without slowing down or moving to another lane. Kasich flat out lied to about that officer.

    He was also sickening when he confronted the Jews in the Jewish bookstore. He’s as arrogant as a person can get.

    • As someone with no financial experience, he was bought off with a lucrative banking job. He now fully advocates globalism, proving the point.

  2. during the campaign while running for the GOP nominee, he was at a town hall meeting and was pushing means testing for social security recipients, he was saying if you have x amount of retirement income you don’t need social security, it didn’t go over very well with the crowd, one guy asked him, since you get a pension from being a congressman and going to get a pension from being Governor, will you be willing to give one of them up, Kasich went bat shit crazy on the guy, Kasich is an idiot!!!!!!

    • So then he is willing to violate a stated agreement and steal. I guess he thinks it is OK for government to steal

  3. Where are the proofs Trump colluded with Russia?

    And where is the evidence of what Russia did ?

    There is more evidence of what Seth Rich did to hurt the democrats than there is of Trump and Russia.

    And there is more evidence Hillary did a lot of bad things than there is evidence Trump did anything wrong with the help of Russia.

    There is no good reason to Impeach Trump, none at all.

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