In Between Fundraisers, Obama Is Doing for Fishing What He’s Done for Coal


While Americans are being beheaded and whole races of people are being annihilated, Obama is fighting his war – the war against climate change. Computer models predict disaster some time down the road.

In June, the tinpot dictator in the White House announced that he would cordon off a million-and-a-half acres of the Pacific Ocean as a monument.

Miles from the U.S. mainland, Mr. Obama will close off huge swaths of the Pacific Ocean to fishing and exploration to satisfy his ideological extremism.

His executive order is ready to go.

John Podesta, socialist extraordinaire and close confidante of George Soros, was brought into the White House to push through the extreme environmental agenda among others and he is writing the script.

We have a president who, in different circumstances, could easily be the person chaining himself to a fossil fuel plant to keep the trucks from leaving.

In a meeting at the White House Tuesday, Podesta was warned by a group representing Pacific fishermen, scientists and government-appointed conservation officials that this move would have devastating economic effects in the region, and would cede geopolitical advantages to China and other Pacific powers.

“China is overwhelming the South Pacific with investment, and increasing its fishing fleet in the area,” noted Eric Kingman, a Hawaii-based fisheries enforcement official and one of those who carried the warning. For the U.S. not to recognize this potential for lost influence would be “incredibly naïve,” he added.

China is also growing a vast military while they and Russia are building hundreds of coal-powered plants.

Listen to this from Fox News: The action would make the U.S. the only country in the vast region putting almost all of its 200-mile exclusive economic zone around a speckling of U.S. Pacific territorial islands out of reach of its own fishing fleets; severely cut into the $100 million Hawaiian-based fishing and processing industry; and adversely affect future U.S. fishing treaty negotiations.

The group came laden with letters from governors, legislators, mayors, Chambers of Commerce, business leaders, and many others. Many of the people who are expressing these desperate concerns have signed on to the sustainable agenda.

They shouldnt have bothered with the letters. To get Obama to divert, they would have had to bring an RPG.

When they had a Townhall on the issue, the transparent Feds wouldn’t even allow taping. The White House claimed they “vetted through rigorous scientific and public review processes and approved by the Secretary of Commerce.”


Podesta claims they were listening but if you read their comments on Fox News, it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out they have excuses for every argument.