Iranian Men Are Such Savages Apparently That Clothes Police Have to Keep Women Covered Up

Iran's moral police arresting woman for violating dress code, 2007
Iran’s moral police arresting woman for violating dress code, 2007

Photo via Chas’ Compilation

Apparently, Iranian men can’t control themselves around a woman who looks like a woman. You would think they’d have a little more self-control, wouldn’t you? From Arabian Retailers in Iran are being forced to sell clothes that comply with “Islamic values,” this according to Abbas Miraei, who heads the Office of Supervision of the Public Sphere for the Iranian police.  The women’s clothes police keep a tight lid on this important “moral crime.”

Iran has set aside $1.5 billion to promote “moral conduct,” including enforcement of its dress code for women, “to solve the cultural and social ills” in society, Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar said. His comments followed the introduction of a code of conduct at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences that bans loud laughter, nail polish, high heels and immodest clothing for women and men.

Of course it it all the women’s fault. If they have enticing eyes or normal attire, they would be responsible for all rape, murder and mayhem upon themselves.

Up until now, women had to cover their hair and bodies in public, but they had some freedom on how to do it, which has caused confusion. Leading Shiite clerics want women to wear chadors as pictured above.

Some women prefer tight-fitting coats and scant head scarves – wow, how daring.

(Vahid Salemi/AP) – Two Iranian women view dressed
mannequins at a women’s dress show organized by the
government in November.

 Ahmadinejad has decided to settle all confusion by pushing government-approved clothes. Clerics are afraid that it will promote “Western Values.”

Looking at the display above, I would say that’s not a fear. They all look pretty much the same to me, except now women are allowed to add some color to their coats or they can wear a cape, not wear a cape, cover their faces, not cover their faces…

Look here for a sample of coats, which they might be allowed to wear. Coats are all they are really allowed to be fashionable with in public. I hope they at least get to brighten up their wardrobes. Click her for Iranian fashion show

This photo below shows the incredible difference between them and their neighbors, the Kurds in Northern Iraq, who actually let their women dress like women. Strangely, I see nothing provocative or immoral about their clothes. All I see is beautiful apparel reflective of the Kurdish culture, which they have somehow kept in tact.