UPDATE: Independent Sentinel Looks To Senator Leahy For Answers


In nearly seven decades on this planet, I’ve never seen my fellow Americans as close to open revolt as I’m seeing today, and it’s a little more than disconcerting.  Many feel the very existence of the United States we knew twenty years ago is totally gone – replaced by a near dictatorial regime in Washington, DC.

I First Met Senator Patrick Leahy In 1975.  I Was A Full Time Police Officer And He Was The Chittenden County Vermont Prosecutor.  We’ve been colleagues in law enforcement, neighbors (and still are) and members of the same church.

Based on my personal concerns, I’ve contacted Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy – a man I’ve known for nearly forty years and, despite our political differences, a man I’ve always been able to sit down and talk with about any topic.

While my concerns are several, the on-going attack on our Constitution is uppermost in my mind. That, along with what appears to be a never-ending government spending spree that threatens our very economic existence.

If he responds to my personal request – and I believe he will – I’m not afraid to ask him the really tough questions the mainstream media refuse to ask.  I’ll do so “on the record” and report his answers here at the Independent Sentinel.
Senator Patrick Leahy’s Official Photo – 2012.