Inevitability of Another 9/11


An usher at my wedding was killed on 9/11. He was the Chief of the Chiefs of the New York City Fire Department. Shortly before he died, he made everyone leave the vicinity – Rudy Giuliani, fire commissioners – because he knew the Towers were coming down. He didn’t leave because he wouldn’t leave his men who were still in the Towers struggling to come down. He ordered them down but many radios weren’t working and there wasn’t enough time. There were 343 firefighters who never made it out.

A piece of flying debris killed the Chief of Chiefs, Pete Ganci, as the second Tower collapsed.

Another friend lost his two sons, one a firefighter, another a policeman.

There were so many others.

It was traumatizing for those of us in New York who knew victims in the Towers that day.

One good story I have is the brother of our computer analyst. Mike kept trying to call his brother but the cell towers were shut down to all but emergency personnel. Hours later, he found out that his brother, who would have been in a meeting on the 101st floor of Tower 2, was late that day – the trains were late.

He remembered being very upset that he was delayed twenty minutes.

This tragedy could have been avoided if our leaders understood the threat and took action years before. President Clinton said only recently that he did let Osama bin Laden go. In fact decades before, President Carter, upon the advice of Leonid Brzezinski, funded the Majahideen and trained Osama bin Laden.

In hindsight, those were mistakes.

We know now that these radical Islamists – and they are Islamists – cannot be funded, they cannot be trained, they can’t be negotiated with, they cannot be maintained, and they must be erased from the face of the earth.

There can be no effective slow and steady pushing back as President Obama described in his speech on Wednesday.

Democrats lauded the Wednesday speech because Obama mentioned American nationalism twice but they ignored the fact that he won’t call the threat what it is, he won’t fight the war with troops we can control, he talked of a partnership that does not exist. The nine countries who said they’d partner with us are barely with us and Britain said they won’t even bomb from the air.

We can’t use Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Syrian rebels as our ground forces and expect it to work. The very rebels he wouldn’t arm because he said there is no way to determine who is a terrorist and who is not, are the ones he will arm. He won’t arm the Kurds directly. He is working with the Iraqi government who have installed al-Maliki as their Vice President. It’s the same government with a slight change of names.

None of this instills confidence.

John Kerry said we are not at war with ISIS the day after Barack Obama described us as being at war with ISIS.

This is complete nonsense.

FARS News Agency, the Iranian News Service, reported that Hezbollah Deputy Leader Sheikh Naim Qassem said “US President Barack Obama is not determined to crush Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorists.”

Hezbollah noticed he is not serious but the Democrats in this country didn’t.

“The flurry of international activity, which is sponsored by the US, is not serious about ending the takfiri threat,” Qassem said in remarks published Thursday by the local newspaper As-Safir, Al-Alam reported.

He said Obama spoke of “containing” the threat and not “stopping” it.

“Comments made by Barack Obama are clear. The word ‘containing’ means to identify risks and disable some of its objectives while maintaining this terrorist organization’s role (as a method designed) to frighten certain countries in this region and to keep this risk as a scarecrow in appropriate places to make political gains, particularly in Iraq and Syria.”

“Those who delve deeper into the American stance will notice that Americans accept ISIL in our region while trying to prevent it from spreading to its country. Terminating ISIL is not being considered at all.”

Obama is not serious. Mr. Obama only wants to do the minimal of maintenance. He has little interest in destroying as he claimed.

This, to him, is a counterterrorism operation with many moving parts, something like his kinetic military action in Libya which resulted in Libya becoming a failed state. He turned it over to radical Islamists.

The same thing will happen if he continues with the same failed military action.

I think of 9/11 and what we lost and know that we are setting the stage for another tragedy like 9/11. We have open borders and we ignore people jumping visas.

Do people honestly believe we can have open borders with thousands pouring over unimpeded and not suffer the final consequence of outright attacks or destruction from within politically?

There is no doubt there are sleeper cells from terrorist organizations in this country who could launch car bombings and other terrorist acts on our soil. Perhaps they will just infiltrate from within.

This isn’t imaginary or extreme. What is extreme, is the president’s and the Democrats’ refusal to face the problem and deal with it head-on.

Do we really have to wait for another 9/11 or a series of car bombings or beheadings on U.S. soil before we wake up? Are we incapable of learning from history? Do hundreds of firefighters have to die again? Do thousands have to die a horrible death before people realize there is no one leading us and something has to be done.

President Obama’s speech was more foofoo dust and Secretary of State Kerry made that clear on 9/11.

Another 9/11 is inevitable because we are being led by people who, incredibly, refuse to even call the threat by its name – radical Islam. They can’t understand the problem because they won’t accept it for what it is. The stage is being set for another 9/11, perhaps worse. The only thing standing between the enemy and us are our remarkable men and women in law enforcement but how long can they keep the threat at bay?