Democrat Socialists in Venezuela Rule With Lawless Death Squads, Militarized Police


Without mentioning the socialism they embrace, the New York Times describes the death squads that now rule Venezuela, the Democrat Socialist “paradise”. Venezuela is the poster child for what happens under socialism and so-called Democratic Socialism.

Goon squads rule Venezuela

Under Bernie-style Democratic Socialism the people can vote and they have, but the thugs in charge have ignored it. Venezuela has sunk into the inevitable abyss where people living off government largesse, who can no longer get the most basic necessities, must be subjected by mobster rule.

Colectivos, armed thugs, Maduro’s brown shirts, are ruling Venezuela and killing the starving Venezuelans.

The Times reports the carnage:

The uniformed men who shot Mr. Moreno were not government security forces, witnesses say. Rather, they were members of armed bands who have become key enforcers for President Nicolás Maduro as he attempts to crush a growing protest movement against his rule.

The groups, called collectives or colectivos in Spanish, originated as pro-government community organizations….

Did you get that? They are NGOs and community organizers.

… that have long been a part of the landscape of leftist Venezuelan politics. Civilians with police training, colectivo members are armed by the government, say experts who have studied them.

Only lawless armed gangs who side with Maduro can keep the starving Venezuelans in check and continue the Democratic Socialist government.

Silent march after 15 were murdered
Venezuelan opposition activists march in a quiet show of condemnation of the government of President NIcolas Maduro, in Caracas, on April 22, 2017.
Venezuelans gathered Saturday for “silent marches” against President Nicolas Maduro, a test of his government’s tolerance for peaceful protests after three weeks of violent unrest that has left 20 people dead. / AFP PHOTO / FEDERICO PARRA (Photo credit should read FEDERICO PARRA/AFP/Getty Images)

Colectivos are socialist thugs who don’t do what socialists say they believe in:

Colectivos control vast territory across Venezuela, financed in some cases by extortion, black-market food and parts of the drug trade as the government turns a blind eye in exchange for loyalty.

The lawless colectivos help the government thieves stay in power through violence and intimidation:

As rising foreign debt and falling world oil prices have depleted the Venezuelan government’s coffers, it has increasingly turned to colectivos as enforcers. From labor disputes with unions to student demonstrations on university campuses, colectivos are appearing almost anywhere the government sees citizens getting out of line, Venezuelans say.

Eladio Mata, a hospital union leader, says he was shot last year by colectivo members when negotiations deadlocked with the University Hospital of Caracas.

“In this country, it’s prohibited to dissent,” Mr. Mata said.

If you thought otherwise, you were misinformed. Socialists never give up control nor do they give up the money they’ve stolen. Socialism, like it’s sister ideology – Communism – means the few in power get to control it all and the individual gets whatever trickles down.

It’s mob rule. You will starve so we can stay in power and you will like it or be the beatings will continue:

Mr. Rojas, who works with opposition politicians, said he had become used to the attacks, which have long been a fixture of his activism.

“They attack your neighbors when they are in food lines and are identified as opposition members, they attack store owners by making them pay extortions, they attack bakers by taking away part of their production which they later sell on the black market,” he said. “They are not true collectives, or political actors — they are criminals.”

Nicolás Maduro is no different from Socialists the world over. This is who they are and this is what the ideology is. It’s about thugs ruling the world and the resources.