Insider Targets Expanding – Maybe They Should Start With Congress


The FBI is investigating and building cases against 120 people who might have engaged in insider trading.

This move will help Obama’s re-election campaign. People have wondered why only a small number of middle management people were charged when the economic crash wreaked havoc on the United States. As a result, Obama needs to find some Wall Street people to put on trial before the election. It will work nicely with the 99% Spring message of hate the 1%.

The FBI identified the people and now they are building the case according to David Chaves, a senior FBI agent. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? This sounds like the system they use in France – guilty until proven innocent. Read here: WSJ

Maybe they should arrest the insider traders in Congress first, starting with Nancy Pelosi. There are 435 members and many engage in insider trading – we could wipe out Congress and start all over. Whoops, silly me, I forgot they can legally engage in insider trading – my bad.

Why is it okay for Congress but not these 120 people?