International Code of Conduct – Ceding Outer Space to the U.N.


In a press statement of January 17, 2012, Hillary Clinton expressed concern about space debris and declared the need to join with the international community in addressing the “problem” with a set of principles “to develop an International Code of Conduct for Outer Space Activities.

“A Code of Conduct,” she states, “will help maintain the long-term sustainability, safety, stability, and security of space by establishing guidelines for the responsible use of space.”

She further stated that we will not agree to anything that limits our national security-related activities in space or our ability to protect the United States and our allies.

There is a lot of space junk with more than 500,000 pieces of space junk debris surrounding Earth, according to NASA, and about 22,000 of these pieces are as large as a softball. Space junk are objects left in space by the irresponsible.

One of the irresponsible actors is China. A government report warns of a plan by the Chinese to disrupt or shoot down U.S. satellites.

The idea of an outer space military is now being discussed but the international community – the U.N. – will be the governing body, which ironically includes all the bad actors.

This code of conduct would come to us in the form of a treaty which would be permanent and which would supersede our constitution and, specifically Congress. The international community would take priority over our sovereign nation.

Last week, the House of Representatives debated H.R.4310, which contains a provision, Section 913, that attempts to stop the implementation of a code of conduct for outer space activities. It would prohibit the Department of Defense from using funds to implement an international agreement on space activities that has not been ratified by the Senate or otherwise authorized by federal statute.

The bill takes aim at the International Code of Conduct or its twin, the EU Code, and is the latest attempt by Congress to curtail the Obama Administration’s efforts to implement a code of conduct without the consent of Congress. Check out The Space Review for more information.

It is unclear if the Senate will include a similar provision and, if they do, the President will veto it.

This treaty will make Congress irrelevant in matters of space, which includes missiles, satellites, and any other object propelled into space. This is a very dangerous treaty without the safeguard of a Congress to keep it in check.

This treaty with several others – Law of the Sea, International Criminal Court, Rights of the Child, and Small Arms endanger our sovereignty and our constitution. We have an administration which believes in neither.