Investors Wouldn’t Vote For Obama


Obama gets a vote of no confidence from investors for many reasons. For one, he can’t run the economy unless running it off a cliff counts. For another, they never know if he will follow the law in a situation like GM or MF Global. There are others but that’s enough.

In a new poll of investors, the people who contribute so much to our economy, Romney would beat President Obama 76% to 24%.

Money Show:…Romney also would get more than 60% of the votes cast if either Rep. Ron Paul or New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg ran as independent candidates, the poll showed.

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The respondents were pretty evenly divided among three leading contenders for the Republican vice presidential nomination: 30% prefer Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), 28% choose Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.), and 26% favor New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Former Gov. Romney has begun to vet potential running mates.

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The poll was conducted from April 9-16 through dedicated e-mails and on Its findings have a 95% confidence level with a 2.72% margin of error. You can see the complete poll results here.

President Obama’s re-election team can take some solace from the composition of this group.

More than half of them are registered Republicans and only 15% are registered Democrats. The country is30% Democratic and 27% Republican, so the percentage of Republicans is nearly twice as high in this group.

Also, 53% think of themselves as fiscal conservatives—about ten percentage points higher than the 42% of all likely voters who describe themselves that way, according to a poll by the conservative Rasmussen Reports.

But that’s about all the positive spin the President’s supporters can take away from this.

First, the three-to-one margin against him amounts to a decisive repudiation of his leadership on the economy from people who have skin in the game. It’s a much, much bigger spread than we’ve seen in previous elections.

In 2008, the investor class was evenly split between Sen. Obama and Sen. John McCain, according to a poll in IBD. The same poll found investors broke for President George W. Bush over Sen. John Kerry by 53% to 42% in 2004…