Iran Insists There’s No Nuclear Agreement – Calls U.S. Liars


On Saturday, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted that the administration and Marie Harf misinterpreted (translation-lied) about the sanctions, adding that the White House fact sheet was wrong. Sanctions will be forever lifted immediately, President Rouhani said Sunday.

Kazzem JalaliKazzem Jalali says there is no deal

Now it’s Monday after the Friday deal/agreement and Iran states the deal is no deal at all. It’s a statement.

Kazzem Jalali, Head of the Iranian Parliament’s Research Center pointed to the Swiss statement issued by Iran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, France and Britain plus Germany) in Lausanne, and said, “We should pay due attention to the fact that the document should not be valued as to be anything more than a statement.”

Jalali noted that the Iranian lawmakers had confidence in the country’s negotiating team, and said, “We should not pay heed to the Western propaganda … ; rather we should only show care for the written text” that was jointly released by Iran and the G5+1 in Lausanne.

It’s Monday and we don’t have a deal, we have a statement.

Basij commander

The Iranian commander, who said destroying Israel was “nonnegotiable”, is also weighing in according to FARS news agency.

Commander of Iran’s Basij (volunteer) Force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi (photo above) said the untruthfulness of Washington officials in their remarks about the Lausanne Statement issued jointly by Iran and the six world powers displayed that the U.S. is an untrustworthy partner to any deal.

“The comments made after the Lausanne negotiations once again showed the United States’ strong grudge against the Iranians and proved that the US officials are liars and untrustworthy,” Naqdi said, addressing Basij personnel in Tehran on Monday.

“After 9 days of breathtaking nuclear negotiations in Lausanne, the US president and other officials now deny the principal agreements and present opposing interpretations,” the influential commander said, and continued, “They cite Iran’s undertakings, but fabricate and deny the commitments that they have made to the Iranian delegation.”

Naqdi said the sanctions aren’t working and the U.S. knows they’re disappearing along with their leverage.

“The Americans do not want to lose their main pressure leverage, and they are in a rush to strike a deal because inefficiency of the sanctions is growing increasingly evident, and in the near future no one would comply with them,” the Basij commander concluded.

On Friday, the Iranians told FARS that Zarif was forced into the statement affirming a deal by the U.S. because the U.S. wanted to continue negotiations. He added that Iran had never agreed to a deal.

Barack Obama, however, has a bridge to sell you.

Listen to this brief summary of the nuclear deal.

In an interview with NY Times’ Tom Friedman, Barack Obama tried to sell the not-a-deal deal. What Obama is selling is all foofoo dust. There’s no there there. You can’t have an agreement if one of the main parties to the agreement doesn’t agree with most everything of importance in the agreement.