Iran Prepares for War With Israel and the United States



Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi has announced that Iran will cut oil exports to certain European countries in the near future in response to the recent oil embargo on the country according to TehranTimes. Which countries to be affected have not been announced.

Iran, undaunted by sanctions, is threatening to close the Straits of Hormuz. Iranians, in conjunction with Hezbollah, have been planning attacks on Israeli and U.S. soft targets.

Obama announced that he will freeze the assets of the Iranian Central Bank, but this will not work as have none of the sanctions. Iran will proceed in building a nuclear bomb, that is clear.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khameini is preparing for a limited war with the United States and Israel according to Reza Kahlili, CIA agent and author of A Time To Betray.

Khameini has been holding meetings with his key leaders to plot a strategy in preparation which includes heavily strengthening forces in Tehran to counter any pro-Democrat forces who might rise up.

Iran believes they will have the support of Russia and China and will be able to persevere in a war.

Behind their audacity is their belief that an Armageddon is desirable. The Iranian Shiites believe they must create worldwide chaos in order for the 12th Imam to appear. The 12th Imam will destroy all Infidels at the time of Armageddon.

If the Iranians detonate a single nuclear bomb in the Gulf, it will stop the flow of oil and create devastating damage/pollution to the oil supply. Listen here: Klein online

Yesterday, Obama said that he does not believe Israel has made a decision to attack Iran in an effort to signal Israel that he does not want them to attack. It is in direct contradiction to statements made by Leon Panetta last week in which he said that he believed Israel will attack in March or April or May. Inside Israel, no one doubts that Netanyahu has made a decision and he has told members of his cabinet to limit discussions on the issue with the U.S. Discussions with us are obviously not productive.

I am not sure what the U.S. is thinking on this issue because we cannot let Iran obtain a nuclear bomb. We should be handling this situation and not relying on Israel to do it.

Our President’s naive approach to the Middle East has cost us dearly as nation after nation has fallen to the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Salafists. Egypt is now holding innocent peace keepers as hostages. Obama was about to speed up sending them $1.5 billion in funds immediately before this situation took place. Obama is clueless and his arrogance stands in the way of an upward learning curve.