Iranian Deal Risks a “Diplomatic Failure” That “Will Become a Global Disaster”



There is an excellent article by Chandler Hirsch in Commentary Magazine which details how we got to where we are with Iran today. It should be required reading for every American.

The article begins with 2002 when we first realized Iran had a nuclear program and ends with this paragraph:

A successful negotiation, in the Obama administration’s terms, now risks allowing Iran the legal right to establish an industrial-scale nuclear program a decade from now and still be dominated by the same brutal, expansionist leadership. The world has little reason other than hope to think that Iran will stop short from going nuclear over the next decade if at any moment it believes it can do so at little or no cost. At which point our diplomatic failure will become a global disaster that might force the United States to fight—under far worse and far more dangerous circumstances—the very battles it has spent years trying to avoid.

Iran has gone from 130 centrifuges to 20,000. The only reason to have large numbers of centrifuges is to make a nuclear weapon. They are not needed for peaceful purposes. The deal Mr. Obama is ready to sign allows them 6,000, provides a sunset clause and makes them a nuclear threshold state and likely worse since we won’t really know what they’re doing. The nuclear deal also allows Iran to build centrifuges in underground bunkers.

The UN’s IAEA says that Iran has failed to provide information and access to areas in Iran and failed to answer the majority of questions they have.

“The report the atomic agency came out with said it is impossible to verify details of Iran’s nuclear program without a far more intrusive and intensive inspection regime than the Obama regime appears willing to accept,” Lt. Col. Peters said Wednesday morning on Fox News.

Peters added, “There are sites in Iran that have never inspected and far worse sites we are not even asking about.”

Iran has replied to only one of 12 possible military dimensions, including Parchin, which is a huge base. There are deep underground bases we have not seen, Peters warned.

Both Josh Earnest and James Clapper said recently that we know what Iran is doing and we are watching the situation. It’s an absurd claim.

The solution Mr. Obama has come up with to the Iran problem is to lift sanctions, give them hundreds of millions of dollars each year, and allow them to continue their expansion across the Middle East.

“What will they do when they have sanctions lifted? ” Col. Peters asked.

Obama, who has time to meet with GloZell refused to meet with the new NATO chief, Jens Stoltenberg. It’s unheard of to diminish the prestige of a NATO chief and sadly it’s par for the course wit this administration.