Iranian Nuclear Deal Is A Catastrophe


When Barack Obama announced the alleged agreed upon terms of a nuclear deal, he said the P5+1 would “snap back” sanctions if Iran didn’t follow the rules of the nuclear deal. People wondered how that would happen since Russia and China have no interest in reimposing sanctions on Iran.

He promised the sanctions would be immediately put back in place only to sell the deal. It was a talking point.

Once talks began of sanctions being lifted, businesses began lining up here and abroad to get in on Iranian business. It would be impossible to roll that back quickly.

The president remained quiet on how the “snap back” would work.

Russia announced on Wednesday there will be no “snap back”. The hard won sanctions are over. The most we could ever hope for is to begin the building up of sanctions again but by then Iran will have the bomb.

Iran has already cheated. Earlier this year, Iran attempted to attain a large shipment of sensitive technology usable for nuclear enrichment, but the Czech Republic managed to block the purchase after false documentation raised suspicions, according to The Times of Israel.

Of course the sanctions can’t be snapped back.

The Russians have one veto of five in the 15-member panel. They said this on Wednesday:

“There can be no automaticity, none whatsoever” in reimposing UN sanctions if Iran violates the terms of an agreement to curb its nuclear program, Russia’s UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told Bloomberg News on Wednesday.

The “snap back” was always a lie.

We knew it in April when Russian deputy foreign minister Sergey Rybakov told state-run RIA Novosti that any reintroduction of sanctions would need to be voted through by the UN Security Council.

On April 28th, speaking to IRNN, President Rouhani said:

“Those who brokered the sanctions had better think of another job for themselves from now on. We will continue moving along the path of constructive interaction with the world with the help of God, with the guidance of the Supreme Leader and with the support of the Iranian nation. Nobody can continue with the sanctions and pressure on Iran in the coming months and years. The sanctions scheme is completely collapsing. The P5+1 group should know well that the government and nation [of Iran] are standing close to each other and are supporting each other, especially in the year of understanding and unity.”

If there are no repercussions for violating the terms of the agreement, how can we expect Iran will follow through? In any case, at the end of the ten years, they can freely make bombs.

The Obama administration is still lying. They continue to say that Russia has agreed to the “snap back” “in principle.”

As former Ambassador John Bolton said, “There’s still no bottom to the president’s ability to compromise and surrender.”

“If you reduce or eliminate the leverage before they have to perform, it’s just one more reason they will violate the agreement from the get go,” Bolton said at the end of April.

The president is now saying all that counts is the “snap-back” but Ambassador Bolton couldn’t think of what that could be. He thinks it’s a “delusion.” It “may be within the realm of human imagination to come up with a snap-back” but he couldn’t think of one.

He said the president should explain to the Congress and the American people pretty soon if “there is anything left of his sanctions policy at all.”

The sanctions will be removed completely, there will be no inspections of military facilities, Iran will be allowed to keep their nuclear facilities, develop centrifuges, conduct nuclear research, and at the end of this deal we can’t monitor, they will be allowed to develop the bomb. What a deal!

Iran is already talking about selling nuclear weapons to dangerous countries and terrorist groups in the region.

The Congress has Obama’s permission to look at the deal before it’s finalized but Democrats can overrule any opposition by a third and one senate votes. The Iran deal is a treaty and it should have been presented as such. That would have required a 67-vote of Congress for approval.

Congress has given up its powers to approve treaties by buying into the lie that Obama has the right to make an agreement that is in every way a treaty if he simply doesn’t call it a treaty.

The mid-Eastern nations who we are allied to are going to match nuclear weapons with Iran to protect themselves because they sure can’t rely on us.

The nuclear arms race this deal was supposed to prevent is actually spurring it on in a very dangerous area of the world.