Iranian Supreme Leader Loves Obama’s Israel Policy-Especially the Stonewalling


Ali Khamenei doesn’t seem to be fooled by Obama’s doublespeak on Israel – he gets it. Obama is delaying the Israeli attack on Iran for some reason and Ali likes it. We do want to make the Supreme Leader of Iran happy after all.

The Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei loves Obama’s policy with Israel. Obama’s stonewalling Israel’s attack on Iran has met with praise from Ali. Ali really loved Obama’s warning against the “casualness” of talk about possible military action. He further complimented Obama’s comment about being careful to not “beat the drums of war.”

Obama has been Israel’s best friend according to Obama but it’s hard to see – even Ali doesn’t see it. Obama is trying to convince Israel to not take pre-emptive action despite the existential threat that Iran poses to Israel by offering them bunker buster bombs they can’t use. One report claims that Obama wants the Israelis to wait until after the election – it sounds possible.

Ali also threatened the U.S. if there is a pre-emptive strike on Iran. Obama hasn’t dealt with it strongly, he headed for the hills instead.
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