Iranian Warships Head for US Borders While US and Iran Threaten Israel


Fars News Agency, the Iranian news service, has reported that Iranian warships are heading for US maritime borders in a planned buildup to counteract our presence in the Persian Gulf in Bahrain opposite the coast of Iran. Ayatollah Khamenei said that Iran will not compromise with the US. Both John Kerry and Iran are threatening Israel while this is unfolding.

Iran is living up to its past performance as an uncompromising terrorist nation. The real story should be their program of nuclear enrichment, but instead it’s another week of threats against Israel and the United States. It serves as a great distraction from their R&D activities on nuclear enrichment.

Senior Iranian Navy commanders announced on Saturday that the country has sent several fleets of warships to the US maritime borders for the first time, according to Fars.

The commander of the Iranian Army’s 4th Naval Zone said, “Iran’s military fleet is approaching the United States’ maritime borders, and this move has a message.”

The message is they are countering the US presence in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

In September 2012, Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said he would send Iran’s naval forces to the Atlantic to deploy along US marine borders within ‘the next few years’, so here we are.

They view it as an appropriate response to our arrogance.

Washington recently beefed up its naval presence in the Persian Gulf which serves as protection for US interests and countries in the region threatened by a more powerful Iran. The 5th fleet is based in Bahrain.

Can you imagine what they will be like once they have the bomb or are allowed to ‘almost’ have the bomb?


Ayatollah Khamenei

Fars also reported that Ayatollah Khamenei said Saturday that there would be no compromise with the US, claiming Washington is pursuing a hypocritical approach towards Iran and has aimed at the nation’s independence.

“The propaganda apparatus of the hegemonic powers and their internal elements are attempting to pretend that reliance on national interests and identity doesn’t conform with progress and if a country wants to make progress, it should, thus, reduce its desire for independence,” Ayatollah Khamenei said, addressing a large number of Air Force commanders and personnel in Tehran today.


 “The Iranian nation should pay attention to the recent negotiations and the rude remarks of the Americans so that everyone gets to know the enemy well.”

“The Americans speak in their private meetings with our officials in one way, and they speak differently outside these meetings; this is hypocrisy and the bad and evil will of the enemy and the nation should observe all these cases precisely,” Ayatollah Khamenei stressed.

John Kerry told the Iranians in January that the military option is still on the table which helped bring this about. The Iranians want all threats off the table, all sanctions eliminated, and they demand that they be allowed to continue their nuclear enrichment for “peaceful purposes” which would bring them within a month or two of being able to develop the bomb.

The threats towards Israel are ongoing.

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani described “the Zionist regime as the number one threat posed to the regional peace and security,” and said “the resistance front will confront the regime more powerfully than ever.”

Shamkhani made the remarks in a meeting with Secretary-General of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement Ramadan Abdullah Shallah in Tehran on Saturday.

Meanwhile, John Kerry, amidst this saber-rattling, is taking the strange step of threatening Israel. Last week Kerry said that Israel may face worldwide boycotts and further delegitimization if peace negotiations with the Palestinians fail.

It should be noted that the Palestinians are not at the table and Kerry is putting all the pressure on Israel while the PA  and John Kerry are making unreasonable demands for a territorial give back of Israeli land along the 1949 borders. Such a move would leave Israel unable to defend itself. The Palestinian Authority won’t enter into discussions with Israel without this as a starting point and have also said at different times they will not be satisfied until Israel no longer exists.

A poll by a respected service surveyed Israelis who by a margin of 66% believe that John Kerry is threatening them. It is not the first time Kerry has bullied Israel.

Our response to the Iranian buildup along our maritime shores promises to be a weak one.

Our foreign policy is a failed policy and it’s embarrassing.