Iranians Dance in the Streets Over the Nuke Deal That’s Not A Deal



The Iranians took to the streets to celebrate the parameters of the nuclear deal which is not a deal but rather a framework no one signed. Iranians can’t believe their good fortune – it’s a coup.

The sanctions will be lifted and Iran will continue spinning centrifuges. The inspections do not include military installations and the Iranians deny IAEA inspections of most facilities, claiming the facilities are military installations.

The deal that is not a deal is detached from reality.

While this faux nuclear deal was being negotiated, the Iranians developed a centrifuge that goes 16 times faster than previous centrifuges.

They’ve also been expanding throughout the world. They are taking over countries in the Middle East and have a presence in Latin America.

Iranian president Rouhani said the Nuclear deal framework will remove all sanctions on the first day. If so, that means it will happen on the basis of vague promises.

“On the basis of this framework, all sanctions in financial, economic and banking sectors as well as all (UN Security Council) sanctions resolutions against Iran will be canceled on the very first day of the implementation of the deal, and new cooperation in both nuclear and other sectors will start with the world on the same day.”

All this agreement did was move the goal posts.

A senior Iranian legislator, Esmayeel Kosari told Fars that the deal is not acceptable and the negotiator was forced into his joint statement.

“The Iranian team of nuclear negotiators has not achieved what it should have in the nuclear talks and the result of their work is not acceptable,” he said. He also warned that it won’t get through the legislature.

The Iranian legislature is full of Mullah minions.

Iranians will keep their nuclear infrastructure and they will be able to develop nuclear weapons at their Plutonium facility at Arak.

Iranians are jubilant.