Iran’s Ayatollah, Rev. Al Stir Up Trouble in Ferguson


Rev Al
Rev. Al Sharpton and the Ayatollah of Iran agree – the Unites States is an abuser of human rights. They both employ the same tactics to deal with it – stir up unwarranted hatred and anger.

Rev. Al went to Ferguson, not to bring peace and justice to Ferguson, but to make people even angrier. He doesn’t care that a lot of the people rioting and mingling in with the protesters are actually criminals and gang members. It’s irrelevant to Rev. Al.

The rioting and looting blew up again last night as everyone promised.

It is a tragedy that an 18-year old has been killed and if the officer is guilty, he must pay the price, but the officer deserves justice and due process.

None of this is an excuse to commit crimes and mayhem.

Rev. Al announced Friday that we have seen nothing yet and “wait till the funeral.” That’s a fine message, isn’t it?

The Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei of Iran weighed in on the Ferguson situation also and condemned the U.S. as the leaders of human rights abuses in the world.

Check out his tweets.


Iran is led by evil people who are sponsors of terror and their human rights abuses are legend.

Amnesty International and UN watch groups say that human rights have significantly worsened. Iran ranks number 1 in executions of monitored nations in the world, except for China.  At least 500 people were executed in 2013, with 57 publicly. Reportedly, those who were executed included 27 women and two children. Children!?!

Pastor Saeed Abedini, an American Christian pastor imprisoned in Iran for allegedly preaching Christianity is now threatened with death, simply for being Christian.

There has been a wave of executions of gay men whom they call Sodomites.

IRAN gay executions

Amnesty International tell us that Iran imprisons human rights defenders and other prisoners of conscience and is noted for unfair trials, torture and mistreatment in detention, deaths in custody and the application of the death penalty.

Many people have reported having been tortured in order to force them to make public confessions that can be used against them in legal proceedings.

Iranian authorities use vague charges to suppress the right of its citizens to peaceful expression and association. The Iranian government has also endeavored to prevent Iranians from accessing information by blocking internet sites and even harassing the family members of journalists for BBC Persian and VOA Persian, which continue to broadcast news into Iran.

We mustn’t forget their Modesty police. Iranians can’t even travel without the proper head cover, especially women.

Modesty police

You can check out Al Sharpton’s human rights abuses on this link. He has a history of ruining peoples’ lives while making himself rich.

Remember Crown Heights and Tawana Brawley and his coke deal?