Iraq PM Says ISIS Is Planning ‘Imminent’ Attack on U.S. Subways


Haider al-abaci, the prime minister of Iraq, has warned that his intelligence services are reporting terrorists are planning an attack on subways in Paris and the United States. When asked if it was imminent, he said “yes”. When asked if the attack was thwarted, he said “no”, according to a Fox News bulletin at 11:40 EST.

The report claims that the terrorists are ISIS fighters. That would be the jayvee team.

No more information is available but there is nothing coming from the president and warnings have not been raised, but Mr. Obama is not at war even though the terrorists are. It’s hard to know if the president’s silence means anything.

While this is going on, the DOJ is investigating a police shooting of a black man waving a rifle around in a Wal-Mart who refused to put it down. It turned out it was an air rifle.

While this is going on, illegals are still pouring over our borders and jumping visas. Forty ISIS fighters with U.S. passports have recently returned from the battlefield prior to John Kerry testifying before Congress, swearing that he won’t let them back – he’ll have them in “handcuffs.”.

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