Iraqi Refugee Mohammed Alaboudi Sex Trafficked and Tortured Young Girls



Mohammed Alaboudi sex trafficked young girls and women who were homeless and to whom he offered help. He gave them a home, drugs, and alcohol.

Mohammed Alaboudi was described by South Dakota Public Broadcasting as a Sioux Fall man, but in reality, he is actually in this country as an Iraqi refugee. In fact none of the accounts in any paper mentioned the fact that he is a Muslim refugee. Only Creeping Sharia and Argus Leader made mention of it.

He repaid this country for granting him a safe place to live by torturing young American girls and women.

If you haven’t heard of rape jihad, look it up.

Why don’t we do a better job of weeding out these monsters when we grant asylum?

Alaboudi preyed on the young and vulnerable and then forced them to have sex with him and many other men. He would sit and laugh as the girls were raped. Beating them was also in the equation.

They were treated, as Judge Schreier said today, in many cases, worse than a person would treat their own dog,” U.S. Attorney for South Dakota Brendan Johnson said.

The victims described Alaboudi as a “monster” One girl described their situation as “hell”. His home was a house of horrors.

When he was sentenced to four life terms, he screamed at the judge that he was innocent and told all the other law enforcement personnel that they were liars.

“They would receive drugs. They would receive alcohol. They would huff hairspray in his home. All to lower their inhibitions so they could not say ‘no’ when he would bring man after man into his home where they would have sex with these young girls and women,” US Attorney Brendan Johnson says.

If the women or girls refused, Johnson says they were beaten and raped. Authorities first learned of Alaboudi’s sex trafficking when a 14-year-old girl divulged the abuses she survived.

“When she was brought into safety by the Sioux Falls Police Department, she was scared and she was angry,” Johnson says. “Yet over the course of the next few weeks, she brought forth unbelievable courage to tell her story.”

Four life terms is hardly enough.