Irony of Ironies! NY Times Editorializes on Fake News with a Fake News Ad



The New York Times published an editorial Saturday called “Truth and Lies in the Age of Trump”. In the article, the editorial board did some hand-wringing over the twisting of facts in the news and bemoaned the era of truth manipulators like Donald Trump. Oh, if only Walter Cronkite were here.

But right in the middle of the article complaining about the end of trustworthy news is a fake news story ad about Alec Baldwin dying at 58.

Gizmodo Media Group executive editor John Cook took a screenshot of the ad and posted it to Twitter Dec. 10.

The NY Times spreads fake news all the time: the Duke lacrosse players, the UVa rape lie, “Hands up, don’t shoot!”, and on and on.

And it’s the second time for the fake news ad this week allegedly.

This is while they put out ads claiming they put out factual news.

BizPacReview noticed this next tweet. Senior staff at the NY Times discussed the fake news ad in the middle of their fake news story.