IRS’ Lois Lerner Is a Partisan Hack Tied to Obama in IRS Scandal


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Lois Lerner is the IRS official accused of ruthlessly targeting right-leaning organizations who applied for tax-exempt status.

Ms. Lerner and Mr. Obama appear to have a connection in this case. On May 20th, the AP reported that an anonymous Treasury official told the White House twice that the IRS was preparing to make public its targeting of conservative political groups. The Treasury told the WH in April about a possible speech in which IRS official Lois Lerner would make a public apology and that outgoing Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller expected to be asked about the issue during congressional testimony. [post bulletin]

The WH was not given a specific warning of the May 10th speech.

WH advisers claim Mr. Obama was not told about the IRS targeting until he read about it in the newspapers.

Lois Lerner, Director fo the Exempt Organizations Division of the IRS is the liar who issued a politically-motivated apology for the IRS targeting of right-leaning political groups.

She issued the apology in response to a question she herself had planted with a member of the American Bar Association. She lied to reporters who asked why she chose the venue of an American Bar Association meeting. She told reporters that she was asked a question and she responded.

Here we have a planted question and we then have her lying to a reporter about why she responded as she did. [More about here weasel words at the WaPo]

She is a liar and she a manipulator who spent years targeting right-leaning groups who applied for tax-exempt status while targeting no left-leaning groups.

She had been in powerful positions before and has used her power to falsely accuse innocent people. She did so as head of the FEC’s enforcement division, a position she held from 1986 to 2001.

In the late 90’s the FEC launched an onerous investigation of the Christian Coalition which ended up costing the coalition hundreds of thousands of dollars. Countless hours were wasted and there were 81 depositions in the case with the Coalition having to sift through over a million pages in their archives.

The charge against the coalition was that they were coordinating issue advocacy expenses with some candidates for office.

There was no proof and there is a real question about whether or not the FEC had the authority to even bring these charges.

The Weekly Standard, where this story can be read, quoted the coalition’s counsel as saying the investigation was egregious and uncalled for.

The Coalition was targeted.

The Lerner FEC continued to intrude into their affairs, even into the content of their prayers.

“Each pastor, only one of whom had only the slightest connection with the Coalition, was asked not only about their federal, state and local political activities, including party affiliations, but about political activities that, as one FEC attorney described as “personal,” and outside of the jurisdiction of the FECA [Federal Election Campaign Act]. They were also continually asked about the associations and activities of the members of their congregations, and even other pastors.” [Weekly Standard]

The Christian Coalition was cleared of wrongdoing in 1999. For her horrendous performance, Lois Lerner was promoted to General Counsel at the FEC and later moved on to the IRS where her talents would be used to target political opponents.

In another case, the National Legal and Policy Center asked for the IRS to investigate the  Kenya-based Barack H. Obama Foundation for soliciting tax-deductible contributions from the public although it was not tax exempt. The IRS response was to grant this shady organization retroactive tax-exempt status. Click here to see the letter from Lois Lerner which she said she was pleased to send. [nlpc]

Then there is the case of HSUS. Lois is a member of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), an organization accused of sending less than 1% of its funds to animal shelters, a charge not denied by them. Large sums of money appear to be spent on political campaigns.

Missouri Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer wrote a letter to IRS commissioner Douglas Shulman expressing his concerns about HSUS 501(c)(3) status.  In three years, Rep. Luetkemeyer has not gotten a straight answer from his contact at the IRS – Lois Lerner. She won’t comment on an ongoing investigation and won’t even say if there is an investigation. Lerner is still a member of HSUS. [Daily Caller]

This is what we have in charge of our government agencies these days.

Guard your First Amendment rights. You are losing them to weasels like Lois Lerner.