IRS Officials in DC Oversaw Targeting Operation in Cincinnati


Holly Paz clueless

Photo of IRS Supervisor Holly Paz, she doesn’t know anything either

Guess what! The IRS targeting wasn’t operated by a couple of rogue agents in Cincinnati! Holly Paz, a top IRS supervisor in DC who was recently fired, says she personally scrutinized some 20 to 30 Tea Party applications for tax-exempt status early on.

She didnt’t tie the scandal to senior IRS officials or to the Obama administration.

Paz indicated that the IRS supervisors worked closely with field agents but didn’t seem to know what the agents were doing. She said she thought “tea party” was shorthand for all such groups – conservative and liberal. [Really?]

It sounds like an Alphonse and Gaston trick. Alphonse and Gaston were two characters in a cartoon who could never get anything done or go anywhere because they were so polite that each insisted the other go first.

Holly Paz said dozens of tea party applications were left languishing for more than a year while the agents in the field waited for DC to tell them how to handle the cases. She said DC for their part thought the agents were handling the cases.


Holly Paz is yet another IRS official who doesn’t know anything.

Do you think government is getting too big?

Remember when David Axelrod said “Part of being president is there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know because the government is so vast.” Bill Clinton said much the same thing about government being too big for Obama or anyone to manage.

That could help explain why no one knows anything and, whatever they did know, they’ve forgotten.

Yet more proof of why we need limited government.

The IRS declined to comment on the story.

Full story at Fox News