IRS Reads Your E-Mails, Documents & Online Postings



If the IRS gets you in their sights, they will mine all your personal data. This does not bode well for our future healthcare  (throw HIPPA out the window).  All electronic transactions from credit cards to Facebook are watched by the IRS. The ACLU has warned that – from IRS documents – they can determine the IRS believes it has the legal authority to open private emails without people’s knowledge and without a warrant.

The IRS has the latest technology to exploit what they believe is their right. The IRS invested about $1 billion in data mining alone.

The IRS won the right, without any fanfare, to house all credit card and digital payments for future audits.

The IRS is looking for frauds and cheats (and religious people, Tea Party members, Conservative Jews, people who want to teach about the Constitution, and those who want to make America a better place to live) but once they track digital footprints, they can easily snare innocents in their wide digital dragnet. That would prove expensive in the least. Anything at all unusual or not the norm could show up as untoward.

Private browsing and anonymous postings can also be gotten without much trouble by the FBI and the IRS.

Information online is archived and footprints remain for long periods of time.

As you can see from the IRS scandal, no one really knows what they are doing at the IRS and no one is providing oversight.

No one knows how the IRS uses big data and “robo-audits.”

While the IRS claims they don’t use emails to target people, the DOJ claims that any data about you held elsewhere – e-mail, document drop boxes, Facebook – can be gotten without a warrant and used against you in a court of law. The IRS shares data with the DOJ and other law enforcement agencies and the IRS has engaged in warrantless searches.

The IRS must now, because of a court ruling, obtain a warrant to read emails in the Sixth Circuit but it won’t say if that is the only place it secures a warrant.

It’s time to abolish the IRS and put a new tax system in place.

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