IRS Visited White House 322 Times


Obama campaigning while the world burns

Doug Wead who served both President George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush, said that “Sarah Hall Ingram, the woman responsible for the IRS division that targeted conservative and constitutional groups, made 165 visits to the White House since 2011″ making for a total of 322 visits between her and her boss, Douglas Shulman.

None of the visits overlapped. Amazing, huh? Believe in coincidences???

Besides Easter egg rolls, why were they there on an alternating basis?

One or the other was in the White House every other day and Barack Obama didn’t know? I guess it’s possible. He does have to fundraise and campaign you know.

That is what he is doing now as his scandals unfold and the world burns. He’s not a leader…he’s a bystander. He is letting his generals and other staff explain away the government’s intrusion on our 4th Amendment rights while he campaigns for Markey in Massachusetts.

When his job gets challenging, he beats it out of town.

If Obama didn’t know about these visits then he truly is incompetent beyond all words.

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