IRS War Against Non-Soros Catholics



Weeks before Obama was first elected in 2008, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League was notified that the IRS was investigating him for violating the IRS Code on political activities by 501(c)(3)s.

The Soros-funded Catholic organization, Catholics United, are the ones who turned the Catholic League into the IRS.

The evidence they sent to the IRS was not evidence – they sent news releases and articles on various issues written by Donohue during the campaign. One article “George Soros Funds Catholic Left” was released on 10/20 and another “Catholic Left Scandal Mounts” was published on 10/23; both mentioned Catholics United. On October 23rd, immediately before Donohue’s appearance on CNN, Catholics United attempted to stop his on-air appearance.

The leader of Catholics United stupidly told CNN that they complained to the IRS about Donohue. Their complaint, leaked by CNN, matches the IRS complaint of Novermber 24th.

In the end, the IRS concluded that the Catholic League intervened in the campaign but unintentionally and in an isolated, non-egregious, non-recurring manner.

Even so, the threat was lodged and it remains.

Mr. Donohue did speak about political matters by his own admission, not to intervene in the campaign, but to express his First Amendment rights.

Soros even has his hands in the Catholic Church and is using Catholics to war against other Catholics. The only real political intervention was by Soros’ Catholics United.

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