Is Barack Obama The End Of The Line For Democrats?


Is President Barack Obama the “end of the line” for Democrats?

An interesting question, considering that the normal progression of politicians ascending to the presidency usually features upstart politicians gaining popularity and moving up the ladder from governorships or the congress to the point where they’re recognized on the national level and, from there, on to bigger and better things – like the Vice Presidency – and then the top of the ticket.

How could anyone reasonably expect the current Vice President is in line to follow Barack Obama up that ladder?  Joe Biden is not only the subject matter of every late-night TV host, his name is constantly included as the punch line for comedians the world over.  Surely the Democrats have no intention of foisting this buffoon as a serious candidate in 2016.

Now glance over at Congress and see if you can locate any “name” Democrats who might move up swiftly to fill the void.  I honestly don’t see a single one who stands out as having the personality, political smarts, oratorical skills and political magnetism to fill that role.

Senator Harry Reid?  Get out of here.  Not a chance.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?  She, her husband, and the Democrats might be tempted to offer her up as a candidate, but that horse left the barn in 2008 when Barack Obama swooped in and executed his Chicago-style political attack and swept the front-running Mrs. Clinton right out of the picture.  Right now, Mrs. Clinton is still fuming over that kneecapping by Obama and most certainly will be of the age where “spending more time with the family” will undoubtedly take precedence.

We also don’t know what, if any, private agreement was reached between the Clintons and Obama when the Obama campaign stepped in to help pay off her massive campaign debt after the ‘08 election.  That debt was said to be many millions of dollars and all of a sudden the story simply went away, indicating strongly that the ultra-rich Obama campaign wrote an equally huge check, along with a cabinet level job guarantee in exchange.

Unanswered questions.  Questions that, to my knowledge, have never been asked of Obama or Mrs. Clinton.  I’d be interested in your opinion on that topic.

After Mrs. Clinton, who’s left?  Any and all Democrats in the House and Senate were directly involved in ramming Obamacare down our throats, not to mention their total support for the socialist takeover of the entire federal government.  That’s cause for serious concern should they seek higher office.

Let’s hear from our readers.  Is Barack Obama the end of the line for Democrats?