Is Google’s GMail Favoring Democrats?


I’ve used Google’s GMail for the past few years and I pay close attention to my SPAM folder. Always have.  I’ve also signed up for Email with all sorts of political organizations.  It’s the only responsible way I know of to consider their points of view.

I’ve found very legitimate Email from several such senders “filtered” into my SPAM folder and, more recently, have been watching closely as mail from Republican Senators and members of the House of Representatives has been rerouted to a mail folder that is seldom monitored.  All of that mail has been from Republican based senders – and Senator Rand Paul is currently the biggest loser. In one two-week period, a half-dozen mailings from Senator Paul have been dumped as SPAM by what appears to be an obviously partisan mail service.

Apparently Google has programmed its SPAM filter to reject mail from “Rand” or “Paul” or “Senator Paul” or any other variation involving Republicans.  Similar mail from Democrats shows up in my “in box” every time.  In fact, I’ve found NO Email from Democrats filtered to SPAM.

Anyone else experiencing similar mail issues with a political twist?