Is the Muslim Brotherhood Organizing Occupy Orlando?

Shayan Elahi

Is the Muslim Brotherhood involved in Obama’s OWS movement?

The anti-semitic and pro-Muslim forces were sprinkled throughout the Wall Street mob from Day 1 of the Occupy Wall Street, but they were one of many far-left groups. There were a number of “Arab Spring” signs and pro-Palestine flags. There were anti-semitic comments and discussions which we overheard and which I have on tape. It was one area of concern among many for me.

This Occupation movement is dangerous in general because of the anti-American groups in our society who will jump on it and control it.

In Orlando, The United West came upon CAIR attorney, Shayan Elahi, and accidentally discovered he was running the Orlando Occupation.

CAIR’s status with the FBI is as unindicted co-conspirator with Hamas, which was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood. Is our President and his supporters encouraging the anti-semitic Muslim Brotherhood?

The following video talks about evidence of Muslim Brotherhood involvement in the Orlando movement.

More information: United West