Is There An Expiration Date On Blaming Bush? The Polls Say No.


Reuters, Bloomberg News, Politico, et cetera, posted the AP (Associated Pravda)/GFK poll which reveals some gloomy news for Obama on most issues facing  our country, but the headline would have you believe otherwise. The headline reads,  51% of the People Still Blame Bush And the GOP for the Economy.

Obama has quadrupled the debt on useless and irrational spending plans such as the Stimulus, endless bailouts, and overbearing regulations. The GOP has only been in control of one House of Congress for months. The Democrats have been in control of both houses of Congress from 2006 to 2010, and still control the Senate.

When the media wants to take the blame off Obama, they say it is really the fault of Congress, but they never blame the Democratic Congress. They give people the impression that the Republicans have been in power. They are still not in power and haven’t been since 2006.

I checked out this poll, because it doesn’t ring true. Well, sure enough, there at the bottom of the poll, is the important statistic.  The AP polled 43% Democrats, 32% Republicans and 5% Independents. That’s not as balanced as they would like us to believe. They claim more people are registered as Democrats and that is the reason for the imbalance. Don’t take that stat to the bank.