Is Your Christian School Teaching Enough About Lesbianism?


This story is about Britain but we are right behind and we’d best pay attention.

A Christian school rated “good” by the British bureaucrats in Home Counties, England, must invite an imam to lead assemblies or some leader from another religion, to be in compliance with “British values.”  They might be downgraded to “adequate” for not promoting harmony among religions. That’s not all, they will eventually be closed if they don’t comply.

It supposedly aligns with individual liberty and tolerance.

I wonder how many beheadings it will take to wake them all up.

Simon Calvert, deputy director of the Christian Institute, who is defending this school and others, warned that these new rules to combat extremism “undermines their ethos.”

Recently orthodox Jewish schools underwent inspections and the girls were asked if they were being taught enough about lesbianism and it they had boyfriends and if they knew where babies came from.

Politically correct – PC – will force them to eventually teach liberal values which includes teaching values opposed to Christian values.

People in Britain won’t be able to practice their religious values. The U.S. is right behind.

Since this is meant to “combat extremism”, could someone explain to me how limiting the religious freedom of Christians accomplishes that goal? They think that teaching about all religions in Christian and Jewish schools somehow prevents radicalization and extremism as opposed to degrading their values.

Anglican, Roman Catholic and Jewish schools by Ofsted are all under fire.

This is liberalism!