ISIS Begins Attack on U.S. by Beheading James Foley


Foley murdered by ISIS

Tragically, American writer James Foley has been decapitated for doing nothing more than supporting the Sunni Islamic rebels, of which ISIS has been a part.

Clearly, this terrible event highlights the reality that ISIS is coming after the United States.

James Foley was a left-wing activist more than a journalist. He was in Syria to support the Sunni rebels in Syria and the worst of them found him.

The Islamic terrorist who is in the video beheading the American activist appears to be British according to the U.K. foreign minister on Wednesday.

A Lancaster University linguist Claire Hardaker said he speaks fluent English in a London accent.

U.K. nationals – and U.S. and other EU nationals – are fighting with ISIS and committing atrocities. They could return home or to another Western country and commit the same atrocities.

About 500 Brits are believed to be fighting with ISIS and are among the most vicious of the militants.

Foley was anti-Israel and appeared to have no empathy for the Christians being wiped out by the Sunni Muslims. At least he didn’t speak or write of it.

Foley, according to Front Page Magazine, dismissed Muslim rage as Islamophobia. He didn’t believe it existed and sadly fell victim to it. Not a surprising turn of events for those who deny its existence while putting themselves in harm’s way.

Foley’s family sees James as having been in Syria and other Middle East countries to help them. He saw Islam as a religion of peace. If it is, I have been underwhelmed by the reaction of moderate Muslims to the war crimes of radical Islam. They’ve said little in protest.

We as a nation have adopted a James Foley state of mind. We dismiss radical Islam more than we accept it. The term ‘radical Islam’ is deleted from our military usage and from our media reporting. We are too PC so as to not foster ‘Islamophobia’, a term promoted by the terrorists themselves.

ISIS is not alone in committing atrocities. All of Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah commit horrific crimes against humanity and they are not on the run.

Another American journalist, Steven Sotloff, and an American care worker, have been kidnapped by terrorists, Sotloff is held by the same ISIS faction that killed Foley, appearing in the same orange jumpsuit in the same beheading video as James Foley. ISIS said that Sotloff will be killed next if the U.S. doesn’t stop the bombing.

We have an open border and somehow many Americans are convinced that terrorists won’t exploit it. Why are they convinced? Yahoo mocked Gov. Perry for saying they are already here. Why? What’s wrong with us?

Of course they will come here, maybe they are here now, and of course they will kill us.

Mr. Obama spoke movingly of James Foley today. He spoke against ISIS in the strongest terms to date and referred to their killing of Christians but said the victims are overwhelmingly Muslim – according to him.

While Muslims are committing genocide against Christians, Shias, Kurds, Yazidis, they are wiping out Yezidis and Christians.

Underestimating the problem will be our demise as it was James Foley’s.

A few days ago, Bloomberg News reported that five military intelligence officials told them that ISIS has sleeper cells throughout the world including the United States and they are planning a large-scale attack.

In a recent statement, ISIS vowed to wipe the United States off the map:

The Roman dog only pushed his air force in a new mess, and entered an alliance with the Kurds to commit the stupidity he has yet to awake from!

Apparently this idiot forgot the Iraq swamp where tens of thousands of crusaders were exterminated and tens of thousands injured years ago.

Not to mention the economic losses and financial crisis that nearly erased the United States off the map; and it will be erased soon by the caliphate knights.

The Exiled Catholic Archbishop of Mosul says, “Our sufferings today are the prelude of those that you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future”.

From Bare Naked Islam: Amel Shimoun Nona, the Chaldean Catholic archbishop of Mosul, who lives in exile, warned that his diocese is now run by radical Muslims and that “liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here,” adding that “Islam does not say that all men are equal,” and if Westerners “do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed into your nations.

Mr. Obama seems somewhat more serious about the threat, judging from his speech today, but not enough. He still has no strategy.

Obama recently said the wolf is at the door.

That’s true, it’s howling at our door and our door is open. The guardian, unfortunately, is a weak-kneed president who fails to acknowledge the seriousness of the problem and has no idea on how to deal with it.

LiveLeak has the horrific video of James Foley being beheaded.  People might want to watch it because they need to understand that ISIS will do this to any one of us without a second thought and they plan to try.