ISIS Destroys More Priceless Ancient Relics


ISIS extremists at Iraq’s ancient city of Hatra attacked a U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage site last month, using sledgehammers and Kalashnikov rifles.

Priceless history is gone.

One of the terrorists says in Arabic on the video that the site was destroyed because it was “worshipped instead of God.”

They destroy any relic they feel violates their radical interpretation of Islamic law. They have also sold relics on the black market.

ISIS militants have looted and destroyed several ancient sites including 3,000 year old Nimrod – another World Heritage site, artifacts in the Mosul Museum, and, last January, one group burned hundreds of books in the Mosul Library and University, some were rare manuscripts.

Hatra survived the Romans in A.D. 116 and A. D. 198 but it can’t survive these morons.