ISIS Female Brigade Enforces Brutal Form of Sharia Law


Women can’t do anything under radical Islam but they can torture and abuse other women.

“Jihad is not a man-only duty. Women must do their part as well,” Abu Ahmad, a spokesman for ISIS in Syria said in support of the all-female brigade in Raqqa, pictured below.  They are entrusted with arresting any women who do not follow ISIS’ brutal form of Sharia law.

IS female brigade

“[T]he brigade raided the city’s Hamida Taher Girls School and arrested 10 students, two teachers and a secretary on the grounds that some of them were wearing veils that were too thin. Others were accused of wearing hair clips under the veil, pinning them in a way that showed too much of their faces,” activist Abu al-Hamza told Syria Deeply.

The women in the brigade are either residents of Raqqa or the wives of mujahedeen who have come to fight from other parts of Syria or the region.

They serve as “morality police.”

One teen named Zainab was arrested while walking down a street. They insulted her and yelled at her as she walked down the street. They arrested Zainab and locked her in a detention center. After some time, one of the women in the brigade pointed her firearm at her and tested her knowledge of prayer, fasting and hijab.

She was told that her crime was walking alone wearing her hijab improperly. She was released but only after being warned her punishment would be much worse if she were arrested again.

The women and girls of Raqqa now live with some level of fear as these women are “always watching women on the street, raiding schools, arresting students and locking them in for hours.”

ISIS came up with this solution of a female brigade because they cannot inspect women.

The women, ages 18-25, get paid double the going wage for their terrorist activities.

It doesn’t cost much for anyone to sell their soul.