ISIS Harvests Human Organs of Hostages to Fund Their War of Terror


There is a veil of silence around the war we are fighting in Syria and Iraq and the U.S. media fails to report most of the ISIS acts of terror. It’s not because ISIS isn’t as vicious as ever. ISIS has been lobbing scorpion bombs into villages. When the canisters crash, thousands of scorpions and other poisonous creatures flood the area. The bombs are meant to terrorize. The idea comes from ancient Rome. ISIS is as savage as the Romans were 2,000 years ago.

ISIS is also harvesting organs from human slaves.

It is something out of a horror flick.

They are hiring foreign doctors to harvest organs in hospitals in Iraq and Syria.

The funds are being used to fund their terror war.

They have set up a terror organization that specializes in organ smuggling whose responsibility is to sell hearts livers and kidneys on the international market through Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The organs come from dead fighters, the wounded, living hostages, and even children.

ISIS victim

They are barbarians. They’re the new Joseph Mengeles, the NAZI’s angel of death. They are no different than the NAZIs, maybe they’re worse.

One former ISIS prisoner recounted the horrors of being detained by ISIS.

“They placed a severed head in the middle of the room, and asked each one of us to pick it up by the ears and estimate the weight.” Meanwhile, the “Egyptian executioner” placed his sword on the neck of an Armenian prisoner, noting that it was “soft and won’t give me much trouble,” according to al-monitor. After they guessed the weight, they were told their heads would be weighed the next day.

ISIS’ god allows them to enslave, rape, torture and kill.