ISIS Is In Your State, Your City, Your Town


It is a given that ISIS plans to attack the United States. They are well-funded, unlike Al Qaeda, and are believed to have a billion dollars in assets. They have the desire and they have the money. And…they are already here according to them.

Check out the photo from a tweet on the right, it is allegedly taken from in front of the White House though the gate appears to be missing. The photo has gone viral and no one as yet has found the original source to verify it’s a real photo. However, check out the photo to the left which lends some credence to the message.


They certainly could be in our state, cities, and streets. Homegrown terrorists and future homegrown terrorists do exist in our country. Our borders are wide open and they have a presence in countries to the south of us. One-third of the ISIS army hold U.S. and EU passports and we know from our intelligence community that they are being trained to come back to the States and Europe and attack us.

Mr. Obama said this about ISIS several days ago at a Friday presser:  “I mean, the fact of the matter is that in all these crises that have been mentioned, there may be some tangential risks to the United States. In some cases, as in Iraq and ISIS, those are dangers that have to be addressed right now. And we have to take them very seriously. But for the most part, these are not—you know, the rockets aren’t being fired into the United States. The reason we are concerned is because we recognize we got some special responsibilities. ”

With all due respect, the president is wrong. ISIS is not a tangential risk and it’s not simply that we have some special responsibilities. They are an immediate and direct threat.

ISIS is actively using social media to recruit new jihadis right here in the states. Several tweets online now appeal to youth to join them. Who knows if and when someone will answer the call.

We have open borders and there have been some scattered reports that ISIS has a presence in countries to the south of ours. Gov. Perry of Texas believes they do and that they have crossed over into our borders. Click this link to hear Border Patrol air surveillance talk about illegals praying – they are Muslims who must kneel towards Mecca and pray four times a day.

To believe our open border would not be exploited by ISIS is foolish. They strive to succeed where bin Laden didn’t.

We have suffered through lone wolf strikes, the Ft. Hood case being one. Jihadists can find the malcontents in our country and use them to attack our countrymen. Believing otherwise is naive.

They have a vendetta against the United States. Check out this tweet from one of the ISIS accounts.

calamity will befall

They are posting gruesome photos of U.S. soldiers being hung, maimed and killed, most of which I can’t post here.  I did include one.

Their purpose is to inflict terror.

ISIS gruesome photos of soldiers

They sent us two new messages:


In this tweet, they are referring to the small bombs okayed by Mr. Obama.

every us citizen

Dr. Walid Phares: ISIS is in the United States: