ISIS’ “Monstrous Disregard for Human Life”


Educated women, gay men, children who won’t marry ISIS fighters, and anyone who commits any slight violation of their bizarre and irrational law is subject to brutality and executions.

Three female Muslim lawyers were murdered by ISIS this month, Al-Arabiya reported simply because they were educated.

The United Nations said on Tuesday that educated women in Iraq are under the greatest threat. ISIS has a “monstrous disregard for human life,” according to the U.N. spokesperson.

“Educated, professional women, particularly women who have run as candidates in elections for public office, seem to be particularly at risk,” UN spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani said. “In just the first two weeks of this year, reports indicate that three female lawyers were executed.”

Mainly, ISIS is known to force “cruel and inhuman punishments” on any individual who has been accused of violating its “extremist interpretations of Islamic Sharia law, or for suspected disloyalty.”

One woman was executed for alleged adultery. The photo below from the Daily Mail shows the sentence being read before the execution.

Murdered woman

In addition to educated women, the ISIS militants have also been killing people from a number of other groups, according to UK MailOnline.

Two young men accused of homosexual acts were bound, blindfolded and thrown off a building.

In December, one Islamic State militant was reportedly responsible for killing 150 women, including pregnant women and young teenagers, because they refused to comply with the “Jihad marriage” order enforced by the terrorist organization, according to Iraq’s Ministry of Human Rights.

Abu Anas Al-Libi is suspected of gunning down the women, most of whom were Yazidi, because they refused to enter into sham temporary marriages simply for the purpose of performing sexual acts with the ISIS terrorists, a practice believed to be a Koranic loophole, Al Arabiya reported.

Al Jazeera recently interviewed families who were held captive by ISIS. One couple had their one-year old daughter stolen from them and they don’t know why. If they protested, they were told they would be killed. Some converted only to stay alive. While women were taken as sex slaves, men were killed. Younger men and boys were put through militant training. Some were forced to become suicide bombers.

The group released were elderly, mentally ill, sick. They were given “dirty”, low-quality food, often improperly cooked. They were scarcely allowed to take a shower. One woman said she did not get a chance to shower for 28 days, and even when they were allowed to do so, there was no warm water. As a result, many develop dangerous skin ailments.

Those who are released must grieve for those in captivity. “Our life is no more,” one victim said, overwhelmed by emotions. “We cry so much. We grieve so much.”

Thirteen teenage boys were recently machine-gunned to death in a public square in Iraq for watching a soccer match.

Meanwhile in another gruesome tactic meant to cause panic, ISIS militants in Iraq have been stuffing hundreds of live scorpions inside bombs and launching them to incite fear among their enemies, according to a British military expert who returned from the country.

The so-called Sharia courts make these decisions for any petty reason. “Any disobedience to ISIL’s twisted philosophy can lead to execution.”


ISIS/ISIL has slaughtered an innocent Japanese hostage this week and will kill another if a prisoner exchange is not worked out. A photo of the one remaining hostage with a photo of the decapitated hostage and an audio of him speaking is online but not confirmed by the State Department.

Japanes hostage

The audio can be heard on LiveLeak.

President Obama is on it in typical fashion. He said Saturday that he ‘strongly condemns’ the brutal murder.

In Syria, Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently reported that ISIS has control of the schools, school materials, and teachers, many of whom were whipped for various reasons. ISIS burned all previous curricula and closed the previous schools. They have opened their own schools – camps – and are teaching them according to their warped beliefs to grow new terrorists for the future. Only teachers with the same ideology are accepted and they must first go through intense religious training.

The terror group has promised slaughter in the streets of Britain, France and the United States.