Islamic Boy (&Girl) Scouts of America – Good or Bad?


The Islamic Boy & Girl Scouts of America have been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Boy Scouts of America were incorporated in 1910. The organization is noted for having a Christian philosophy. Earning merit badges based on skills is at the core of the program. The twelve skills are: camping, citizenship, communication, community living, conservation, cooking, environment, family living, first aid, hiking, physical fitness, and swimming.

For almost 30 years, there has been an Islamic Boy Scouting organization throughout our country. On their site, they describe their vision as, “The Islamic Council on Scouting vision and promise to promote and guide cooperative contacts between the proper authorities of Muslim organizations, mosques, and proper authorities of Islamic organizations, mosques and centers in partnership with Scouting. This Vision is directed at developing the spiritual phase among Islamic youth by means of the Scout oath and law.”

Their mission is “…to promote Scouting among Muslims youth, to help Muslim institutions and local Council Islamic committees to provide Scouting opportunities for Muslim  youth, and to promote Islamic  values in Scouting through program helps and its religious emblems program.”

They believe that the goals of boy scouting are consistent with Islam. Read here: Islamic scouting

In addition to the customary Boy Scout medals, they award three religious medals: the Bismillah emblem, In The Name Of Allah Emblem, and the Allahu Akbar Emblem. These awards are given upon recommendation of their religious leaders. The continuous interaction with Muslim leaders and Mosques leaves open the possibility of radicalization if the wrong leaders are involved.

The Islamic Boy Scouts organization state that they are not a member of CAIR or ISNA, however, they have formed an affiliation with ISNA (Muslim Brotherhood organization). On the Islamic Scouting site, they state that, “… ISNA has had a relationship with the Boy Scouts of America for over a decade, and the ISNA secretary general recently signed the relationship document in the ISNA’s annual convention at Chicago.”

ISNA, which has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, sponsors some of the Islamic Boy Scouts events, one will be at a jamboree in Virginia. Christians and Jewish leaders will also be present at the event. Read here: ISNA & ADAMS* co-sponsoring Islamic Scouting

ISNA is a shadowy organization linked to terrorist organizations. The Obama administration has a significant relationship with ISNA, and ISNA is an unindicted co-conspirator in a scheme to raise money for Hamas. Read here: Klein online

Currently, I haven’t found evidence of infiltration of non-Islamic scout groups, but the Islamic scouting site asserts that spreading the word of Islam is absolutely encouraged.


* ADAMS – All Dulles Area Muslim Society – they state that they are a peaceful organization but tout their relationship with other Muslim organizations that are considered terrorist groups.