Islamist Asylum Seekers Set Sweden on Its Path to Inevitable Collapse

Småland is one of the regions where tourism could be affected. Photo- Florian Plag:Flickr Published- 26 Mar 2016 17-54 GMT+01-00
Småland is one of the regions where tourism could be affected. Photo- Florian Plag:Flickr Published- 26 Mar 2016 17-54 GMT+01-00

When the EU opened borders, the Swedes relished their new-found freedom and new bridges and motorways fused the identities of the Danes and the Swedes. That has all changed now and police finally introduced border controls on the Swedish side of the bridge.

The openness of the Swedish society has been at the soul of their existence but it’s falling apart with no backup plan.

Economically, the Financial Times reports, Sweden has benefitted from the massive influx of Islamists because of the consumption and government spending. That is in the short term and in the long term, they’d better find jobs for these people.

Economists credited the refugee crisis for helping boost economic growth as a record number of asylum seekers come to Sweden. There were 160,000 last year, the highest in Europe relative to population size.

Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, chief economist of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, said Sweden needed to face big structural challenges including a lack of housing and difficulty in integrating asylum seekers into the jobs market.

“The fact is that Sweden now faces more serious risks than in a long time… [Economic challenges include] a housing crisis…and a tattered labour market that is working well for well-educated Swedes but fails to produce jobs at a sufficient rate for the large number of refugees,” he added, the Financial Times reported.

According to the municipal housing office, Boplats Syd, in 2014 you had to wait 1049 days on average in a queue before you could get a tenancy in western Scania, an area that includes Sweden’s third largest city, Malmö.

In August, Sweden had an unemployment rate of 7 percent but youth unemployment (15-24) is at 20%. Unemployment among young people born abroad is 70 percent higher than unemployment among young people born in Sweden.

New immigrants will be unemployed for several years. Only 2.5% of Sweden’s people are employed in low-wage jobs which means there are no entry level jobs for the new residents.

Sweden treats humanitarianism as a religion and prides themselves on it. It seems to be coming apart. Refugee centers are being set on fire in opposition to the influx. Anti-Semitic attacks have increased to the point that Swedes accompany Jews home from synagogue. The Sweden Democrats, decried as neo-fascist, are leading in opinion polls. The Swedes only blame the far-right for their problems, not the refugees.

Swedes say that foreign immigrants can beg on the streets but no Swede would be allowed to do that as one small example. There is injustice to the citizens and right now the Sweden Democrats are the only party voicing dissent, like the Pergidas in Germany. It doesn’t take a xenophobe to resent injustice.

The countries leaders made their country the top destination for global migration and then condemned all dissent as far-right and so-called neo fascists.

In Sweden, immigrants are twice as likely to be unemployed as natives, one of the worst ratios in the developed world. They are accepting immigrants they can’t integrate and are headed for a political and national identity crisis.

Sweden is currently going through its worst housing crisis in 50 years and it is a crisis.

According to Boverket, the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, Sweden needs to build half a million homes by 2020. But the government’s costly housing initiative that will cost $387 million annually will only lead to 250,000 new homes by 2020.

The costs of migration are so high, the government cannot undertake any major initiatives by their own pronouncement.

Sweden’s neighbors are not so accepting and the Danes send the immigrants to Sweden. More than 50 per cent of the Swedish municipalities have no more than 20,000 inhabitants but they are being flooded with immigrants with very different cultures. Many of these Swedish cities will undergo radical and irreversible changes due to the migration waves.

Sweden received more than 100,000 asylum seekers in one year with no homes or jobs to offer these asylum seekers. Migrants who can’t get jobs are already protesting.

Migrants want to be resettled into cities and rebel when they find themselves in remote, rural areas.

Temporarily, perhaps indefinitely, tourist accommodations have been converted into refugee facilities.

Swedish Newspaper, SVD Näringsliv, reports that Swedish hostels and hotels, particularly in rural areas, have been taken over by the government as refugee accommodations. They have taken in 160,000 so far in a country with a population of 9.5 million and the government has notified tourist facilities they will need 96,000 bed and bath accommodations for another year and an additional 20,000 beds.

Sweden’s Migration Board is transforming popular, expensive and elite tourist locations into asylum centers for Islamic migrants.

With tourism season fast approaching, the industry says it is not currently informed of the government’s plans regarding the large number of facilities that have been transformed into asylum accommodations, according to a report by Svenska Dagbladet.

“Some municipalities have no beds at all – clearly, tourism is going to be affected,” Lena Larsson, CEO at Småland Tourism, told Svenska Dagbladet.

For example, major attraction Astrid Lindgren World is expected to be without quality facilities, with both its guesthouse and hostel expected to continue to be used as asylum facilities in the summer.

Last November, the theme park even opened its doors out-of-season to allow refugee children to come and play for a day.

girl in theme park Astrid Lindgren Vaerld, Astrid Lindgren World, Sweden, Smaland, Vimmerby
A girl in theme park Astrid Lindgren Vaerld, Astrid Lindgren World, Sweden, Smaland, Vimmerby

“Hotels are the engine of tourism. If we don’t have them, we lose all other tourist revenues,” Lars-Eric Fällt of Södra Bohusläns Tourism told Svenska Dagbladet.

Fällt said that he believed many tourist facilities – particularly those in remote parts of the country – that are now being used by the state are unlikely to be returned.

Sweden’s tourism industry brings in $32 billion per year, excluding the additional $12 billion tourists spend on food, entertainment, and transportation. Instead, the government has turned over roughly 80,000 spots in hotels, hostels, and resorts, even elite resorts – that normally would be filled by paying tourists– to non-paying Islamic migrants, Sons of Liberty reported.

Crime increases with the increased numbers of migrants, but the government has offered no statements about increasing security for residents, guest house owners and managers, and their families.

According to Lars-Eric Fields, president of Södra Bohuslän tourism, the overwhelming migrant influx will easily displace and prevent tourists from visiting some of Sweden’s most popular destinations.

Vacationers will not be able to stay at the elite Socialite House “Batellet” on the island of Marstrand or at the City Hotel in Lysekil, which the Migration Board already turned into accommodations for refugees.

Fields also points out that many of the larger facilities, like mansions and conference centers also have been commandeered by the Migration Board, and most likely will never be returned to their original state.

These are all private facilities, not government buildings.

Sweden is getting about 7,000 applications for asylum a week. Sweden is planning to take in 340,000 over the next four years.


Danish politicians are worried.

“The many Syrians who are coming to Sweden as refugees will become Swedish citizens in a matter of a few years. And with the agreements we have among the Nordic nations, there is nothing to stop them from then immediately moving to Denmark – without a Danish residence permit – and receiving welfare benefits from day one. It is a big danger,” Søren Espersen of the Danish People’s Party told Berlingske.

Danish Justice Minister Karen Hækkerup calls it “welfare tourism.”

Even as their country undergoes a fundamental and destructive change, Sweden’s migration minister, Tobias Billström, accused Denmark of not doing its part to accommodate asylum seekers.

The Danes understand that you cannot have massive immigration at the same time you have a large welfare state.

We are making the same mistakes in the United States thanks to Barack Obama and the Democrats. He is shipping illegals, even criminal illegals, and refugees to rural areas, putting some up in hotels, and enlarging the welfare state.

We make them into a protected class and they are treated better than citizens, just as they are in Sweden.

We know the administration has taken in 680,000 Muslim refugees from 2009-2013 but the government refuses to release number for the ensuing years until the present. Millions of illegals, including drug dealers and terrorists cross our borders unimpeded. It’s the Democrat way.