Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, Chevrolet and Islam


Did you ever see the old Chevy commercial with the jingle, ‘baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet’? We have to add Islam to it now – Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, Chevrolet and Islam.

I used to laugh at the loons who wrote editorials rewriting history but since I’ve witnessed the loons put their ideas into action and have them accepted, I no longer laugh.

The NY Times posted an op-ed a few days ago that claims Islam is part of the founding of our country.

It’s not an immigrant religion because it’s just become known that thousands of slaves brought here in the early part of the country’s founding were probably Muslims who couldn’t practice their faith, according to one Peter Manseau.

It was part of our founding but we didn’t know until recently?

The article titled, “The Muslims of Early America” starts out saying there is no reason to believe Muslims want to set up their own culture and values but we should believe they helped found the country.

It then goes on to say the slaves were Muslims (some records say 7% were and others say 30%, they converted to Christianity for the most part) and they helped found the country. How they did that from slavery is not explained. The author isn’t even sure they were Muslims by the thousands though that is what he puts forth.

The evidence is flimsy.

In 1528, a Moroccan slave called Estevanico was shipwrecked and formed a stronghold which eventually fell. While he had a Christian name, he was a Muslim, the author says.

Then there was a North Carolina slave Omar ibn Said who became a Christian in slavery but he liked to read the Quran in freedom.

The author talks about a missionary who “traveled through the South who gives us a clue as to what happened to these supposed Muslim slaves. ‘Mohammedan Africans,’ he noted, had found ways to “accommodate” Islam to the new beliefs imposed upon them. ‘God, say they, is Allah, and Jesus Christ is Mohammed. The religion is the same, but different countries have different names.’”

It’s a clue but this author portrays it as fact.

This is an excerpt from the bizarre piece:

Islam is part of our common history — a resilient faith not just of the enslaved, but of Arab immigrants in the late 19th century, and in the 20th century of many African-Americans reclaiming and remaking it as their own. For generations, its adherents have straddled a nation that jolts from promises of religious freedom to events that give the lie to those promises.

In a sense, Islam is as American as the rodeo…

The author of this history rewrite is Peter Manseau who wrote “One Nation Under Gods: A New American History.” Sounds like a good one. He could title his next book, Mohammad discovered America: A Really New American History.

Most of his writing is in fiction and memoir. His scholarship usually seems to veer toward the creative and religous–and not to “historical correction.”

The following comes from free republic.

In 2012, he co-authored a piece (with two other leftists) for the NY Times titled,  “Paul Ryan, Black Panther?”  The article took a phrase that Paul Ryan said his father often used and tied it to the Black Panthers. He was a scholar in residence and an English Lit lecturer at the time at Washington College.

These three authors took a phrase that has over the decades become part of our everyday parlance–“If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”–traced its use back to Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver, and speculated that Ryan had made the “Republicans’ big tent a little bigger.”

His co-authors were:

The Center Director, Adam Goodheart, a Civil War historian, who blogs regularly for the New York Times “Opinionator” series, as well as for such publications as the Atlantic and American Scholar; Ted Widmer is described as “former presidential speechwriter” and founding director of the Center. What is not stated in the byline is that Widmer was a speechwriter for Bill Clinton. Widmer is an Affiliated Scholar at the Center for American Progress. CAP, of course, is heavily funded by billionaire George Soros who was convicted for insider trading and who bankrolled Barack Obama’s election. According to the website, Widmer “designed the prototype for the American Studies Institute, a collaborative project with the State Department that brings young Muslims to the United States for summer programs.” We are told that his research “concentrates on U.S. history particularly presidential history, the colonial period, and the 19th and the 20th centuries.” He is also “doing scholarly work on how U.S. history shapes electoral politics.”

That article first appeared under a NY Times blog called “Historically Corrected.” More likely, quite the opposite.

And they call the right wing conspiracy theorists.

Manseau’s mother is a former nun and his father a suspended priest. He’s pursuing religious studies.