Islamists Set to Rule Alexandria, Egypt

The Library of Alexandria, A Target of Islamists


“The suggestion that faithful Muslims cannot thrive in a democracy is insulting, dangerous, and wrong.” ~Hillary Clinton

Arab journalists are now reporting that Alexandria is under the full control of Islamic extremists. Khaled al-Shami, a correspondent for the London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper said that large numbers of women are now wearing the burqa and men are wearing beards, unlike the recent past.

The Muslim Brotherhood and other fundamentalist groups are contesting the first elections to be held on November 28th.

The Brotherhood has been preparing for the election even to the point of selling food to the poor at half the price. It’s a similar approach used by Hezbollah before the elections in Gaza.

The Islamists are also launching an attack on the The Royal Library of Alexandria, one of the most valuable libraries in the ancient world. The extremists want it shut down and replaced with a Mosque. The arts program with its dancing and music spread depravity according to their belief. Their attack on the library is purposely planned on the eve of the election.  Islamists takeover in Egypt