Israel Apartheid Week at Brandeis Run By the Jewish Left

-ali-Abunimah – Eliminating Israel as the Jewish homeland with the one state solution

The leftists, which includes the Jewish left, have sent a wave of  abject idiocy over the colleges. A series of conferences have taken place at university campuses throughout the country. The one at Brandeis is called “Israel Apartheid Week.”

How dare they compare Israel’s struggle to survive with apartheid? They should call the event, “Israel, Victims of Apartheid” because that is the reality.

Since many of the students at Brandeis are Jewish, I find their behavior similar to the President’s. They are the great appeasers and apologizers who are out of touch.

Hopefully, the Israelis don’t think they have reliable allies in this country.

One of the speakers is pro-Palestinian named Ali-Abunimah. Abunimah met Barack Obama on a number of occasions in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Abunimah has said that Obama regularly attended pro-Palestinian events during this period.

Abunimah founded the Electronic Intifada which is dedicated to promoting Palestinian causes at the expense of israel. The site lodges attacks against individual Jews if they threaten Abunimah’s goal of conquering Israel from within by establishing a one state solution.

A one state solution will be the end of the Jewish state. It would eliminate Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people.

From the Brandeis conference –

…Ali Abunimah, a rising pro-Palestinian speaker and activist, delivered the keynote speech at Israeli Apartheid Week, speaking Wednesday night to about 80 students and faculty members in a room on the Brandeis campus that was two-thirds full.

Abunimah is a proponent of the one-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which calls for Jews and Palestinians to live with equal rights in a single, secular state encompassing the borders of present-day Israel and the occupied territories.

He called the two-state solution, calling for independent Israeli and Palestinian states side by side, a “political science fiction” that is proving increasingly unworkable by the day.

“The reality of a single state is one that is inexorably going to dawn on more and more people,” said Abunimah. “The only questions will be how to resolve it. Will it end in catastrophe? Or will we move toward a democratic outcome in which the status of Israeli Jews is changed from that of settlers to citizens and Palestinians from native colonized people to equal citizens as well?”

The one-state solution, which Israel advocates say will spell the end of the Jewish state, will also be discussed at the Harvard Kennedy School this weekend at a conference featuring Palestinian academics and activists. The “One State Conference” has raised the hackles of mainstream Jewish groups, with the Anti-Defamation League’s Abraham Foxman writing in a letter to Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust: “This conference links Harvard and the Kennedy School with a discredited concept having a singular outcome: the elimination of Israel as the national homeland of the Jewish people.” …Read here: