Israel In Danger Like Never Before

Cairo During the Arab Spring

When the U.S. abandoned its ally, Hosni Mubarek, it sent a message throughout the Arab world. The Spring that followed is not one likely to shower us with trust no matter how much we helped them attain their goals.  

The following reports of unrest are news reports from over the last few hours alone –

-The Obama administration is scrambling to contain an emerging diplomatic crisis in the Middle East, as Israel’s closest Muslim allies lash out at the country in a string of demonstrations some fear could jeopardize an already-fragile peace. Read here: FoxNews

-“Jordan and the future Palestine are stronger than Jordan, King Abdullah of Jordan, said late Sunday in Amman.The king described a recent conversation he held in the US with “one of the Israeli intellectuals” who commented on events in the Arab world, arguing that they were good for Israel. “I replied and said that it was the opposite and that Israel’s situation today is more difficult than ever before.”Read here:

-According to the AP, Iran’s first nuclear power plant will be at full capacity by December. They deny they are planning to use it as a cover for nuclear weapons.

-(Reuters) – Arab states will push for a fully-fledged Palestinian state at the United Nations next week, the Qatari prime minister said on Monday, despite a U.S. threat to block such a move. They are demanding East Jerusalem as its Capital. A U.S. State Department spokesperson said for the first time last week that Washington would use its veto power in a Security Council vote for full recognition as a member state. Washington says statehood can only come via agreement with Israel. Read here: Reuters

-The Telegraph: Libya is in danger of falling into the hands of Islamic extremists if a stable government is not rapidly established, Nato’s secretary-general warned last night. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Islamic extremists would “try to exploit” any weaknesses created as the country tried to rebuild after four decades of Col Muammar Gaddafi’s rule. Mr Rasmussen was speaking amid growing evidence of splits in the rebel leadership in Tripoli. Read here: The Telegraph

-AP) CAIRO — In a message Tuesday marking the Sept. 11 anniversary, al Qaeda’s new leader sought to claim credit for this year’s Arab uprisings, saying the 2001 attacks on the United States paved the way for the “Arab volcano” sweeping the region a decade later. Ayman al-Zawahri and other al Qaeda figures have issued a number of messages seeking to associate themselves with the Arab uprisings that toppled autocratic leaders in his native Egypt, as well as Tunisia and Libya, and which threaten others. Read here: CBS News

-y RAHIM FAIEZ,The Associated Press, KABUL, Afghanistan — Taliban insurgents launched a coordinated attack Tuesday on the U.S. Embassy and NATO headquarters in the heart of the Afghan capital on Tuesday, firing rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles. An embassy spokeswoman said no staff were reported wounded, but officials said at least one Afghan police officer and two insurgents had been killed as gunfire and explosions resounded across the city well into the afternoon. Read Here: AJC

-Turkey’s prime minister said Monday that Israel’s raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla last year was “cause for war” but added that his country showed “patience” and refrained from taking any action. Erdogan made the comments before departing for a visit to Egypt later on Monday, where he will seek to boost his government’s already high standing in the Arab world _ a position he has achieved in part by challenging Israel on the world stage.  Read more here: Newser

Meanwhile, Anne Curry, MSNBC reporter goes jogging with Ahmadinejad, the man who wants to blow Israel off the face of the earth.

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