Israel On A Day Of Celebration


It was the “Celebrate Israel Day Parade”, a parade in which both the attendees and those that marched displayed such a joy of beliefs and country that unity was  the only by product of all involved. Adults and children all united for a single cause,  pride, for the Independence of Israel.

It gave me great joy to be a part of this celebration. From marching bands and floats to the music and cheerful sounds of  young boys and girls. There they were, kids walking and dancing as well as those being carried by mom and dad. People in wheelchairs and some walking with canes,  all proud and marching together for over 20 blocks with nothing more than the happy smiles on their faces and the bonds in their hearts. This was an event that started before 11:00 am an ended well past 4:00 pm.

Thousands and thousands of people and  groups  from all over the world were here on this day. One group present on this day in which The North Country Patriots marched with was an organization called Stand With Us. This is a world wide organization that helps spread the news of Israel in regards to it’s history and  present day situations.

These are the issues regarding Israel that help to  maintain it’s independence as well as the safety of it’s people. It’s been 67 years of independence, and today more than ever, that independence is ever so precariously close to being dismantled. Over the years there have been negotiations for peace,some of  those negotiations have resulted in Gaza being turned over to the Palestinians. In return for that, the Hamas leadership , having since been elected,  has resulted in the daily lobbing of missiles and  bombs  being hurled into Israel’s front yard. So with discussions (one way conversations) of returning to the pre 6 day war boundaries of 1967, it’s plain to see the result would be the equivalent of self inflicted suicide.

Conversations with different participants in the parade makes clear the reality of the island on which Israel sits. It is these type of conversations that continue to bring a clear and vivid picture of the cruelties that man can inflict on fellow man. Many of these atrocities that have been inflicted on the Jewish people conjure up the very word “holocaust” which in it’s self  leaves no definition undefined. It is this kind of history of man, when actually touched by one’s own eyes and memories that evokes the strength of survival in ones heart. In so saying, a country today surrounded by enemies that openly proclaim that the annihilation of Israel as the only acceptable peace solution leaves Israel with but only one choice, “survival”.

It was a map that illustrated the purpose and strength of independence on this day, a map ever so simple but well defined,  depicting  the size comparisons of Israel to her surrounding neighbors. These neighbors many of which have lately been described as having arrived at an Arab spring. This is a spring in which there is hope in Israel that it doesn’t turn into an Israeli typhoon. On this map Israel is defined as roughly the size of New Jersey vs neighbors or non allies with a land mass 800 times the size of Israel. This map does more to define the imposing threat on Israel as well as her attitude towards self preservation.

Israel is indeed the shining light on the hill, for it is not a land mass but so much more. It is a principle, it is a belief, it is a way of life, it is life. For as she  goes so will mankind.

On this day a sign was observed that read in this manner ” Don’t worry America, Israel is behind you”. Think about that.I’m not sure if the originator knows of the depth to which those words can be taken. But indeed, might there be a larger truth to those very words. For when the knock comes upon my door, who will be there?

Here’s to Israel and to her forever lasting Independence!
































Pictures courtesy of G. Colucci

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by A. Hanson