It Will Never Stop: NJ’s Plan for Culturally Sensitive School Lunches


We’re no longer the United States. We’re the Divided States of PC Multiculturism. It’s even affecting school lunches.

Multiculuralism takes us away from our principles as a nation. We used to welcome all immigrants to become part of our culture and adopt our values. Now we welcome all immigrants to foist their culture on the citizens.

New Jersey’s Assembly Bill (A3360) is a ludicrous attempt to meet all dietary wishes of every culture represented by the student body in an attempt to get children to eat.

The politicians just keep piling on and it will never end.

The synopsis of the bill: Assembly Bill A3360 “Requires each school district with middle school or high school to establish food services advisory committee to consider menu options that reflect students’ cultural, traditional, and dietary preferences.”

Schools really need this. They don’t have enough to worry about.

How do you reflect every child’s dietary wishes in a melting pot school district? Then if you don’t, do the lawsuits start? Do the parents who don’t have their demands met go berserk at Board meetings?

It’s an unnecessary burden for administrators and teachers and just creates more political problems.

If children have specific needs, what happened to the idea that parents can make their lunches? Why is big government now in charge of everything, literally everything?

If people object, they’ll be painted as racists.

Every minuscule need must be met and every minority will then have a say over the majority. It’s socialism for school lunches.

They are going to start with a committee of course.

The bill states that the school “shall establish a food services advisory committee to consider and recommend school breakfast and lunch menu options that better reflect the cultural, traditional, and dietary food preferences of the student body including, but not limited to, vegetarian and vegan meal options.”

Come on, vegan???

The committee has to meet at least three times a year.

It’s another unfunded mandate that will take up administrator and staff time and it will be taken over by the cranks.

They have a  clause for student representation and a grievance committee. They’re inviting grievances and cranks.

This won’t be cheap – guaranteed.

Source: eag news