It Would Take Nine Minutes to Wipe Out Israel


“It would only take nine minutes to wipe out Israel.”

~ Sunday, Feb. 5, Alireza Forghani, Head of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s Strategic Team

If we go to war with Iran, Obama will be re-elected in all likelihood. American people do not change administrations when they are in the midst of a war, especially a new war. Lincoln, FDR, LBJ, Bush II all were re-elected while the country was at war. Obama is certainly aware of this fact.

Obama has been slow to inflict the strictest sanctions and his voice against Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon has been barely audible. Iran is quite clearly building a nuclear bomb.

The Iranians mock our President as he begs them to come to the negotiating table. Can Obama possibly be this naive?

Also disturbing is the fact that Iran has moved all their nuclear materials deep within their mountains and no one can be certain as to where to strike to destroy them.

A just-published scholarly paper by an Iranian study group has advised Tehran to launch a preemptive strike against the Jewish state. The remark that it would only take nine minutes to wipe Israel out arose from this study. The only way Israel could be wiped out in nine minutes is with a nuclear bomb.

Obama said last week, “I don’t think that Israel has made a decision on what they need to do.” That remark was meant to keep Israel within the parameters he has set for war as he is clearly preparing for war with a stepped up military presence in the region.

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