Italy’s Prime Minister Will Prove Taxing on the Catholic Church

In a godless society, church and state are separate until they come after the money

When you have a never-ending desire for other peoples’ money, things that were once sacrosanct become targets. Socialist Italy is now after the Catholic Church to pay taxes on their property – can’t let a single entity escape the greed of statism.

The Greeks have been taxing their Orthodox Church with a few exemptions and the Italian Catholic Church pays tax on purely commercial properties.

Many of their buildings support humanitarian causes but they are now on the target range. Prime Minister Mario Monti is in talks with the Bishops as I write this. If Mario thinks that is going to do a thing for Italy’s ill-conceived political beast, they have another think coming.

It will only be a matter of time before the U.S. does the same thing to feed the entitlement monster.