It’s Not About Contraception, It’s About Freedom

Cardinal Timothy Dolan

Video here.

I took the following post from Cardinal Dolan’s blog. It concerns after-birth abortion and medical ethics. President Obama argued for after-birth abortion on the Illinois state senate floor to give you an idea of where I believe he is going with this “contraceptives/abortifacients argument.

I believe Obama is in sync with the philosophy in the following article based on who he has chosen as czars and based on his state senate performance –

…Let me share with you this interesting article written by Andrew Ferguson, senior editor at The Weekly Standard. Ferguson writes about after-birth abortion.

On the list of the world’s most unnecessary occupations—aromatherapist, golf pro, journalism professor, vice president of the United States​—​that of medical ethicist ranks very high. They are happily employed by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and other outposts of the vast medical-industrial combine, where their job is to advise the boss to go ahead and do what he was going to do anyway (“Put it on the market!” “Pull the plug on the geezer!”). They also attend conferences where they take turns sitting on panels talking with one another and then sitting in the audience watching panels of other medical ethicists talking with one another. Their professional specialty is the “thought experiment,” Read here: Archdiocese Blog

The Catholic Church may be drawing the line in a place you don’t agree with, but at least they are drawing the line. Will you?

Will you fight for a person’s right to be free in their thoughts and speech?